October 19, 2020


TextDirect allows you to receive any and all text messages sent to *any number* at your Dealership. 150 million texts are sent to landlines every day and are unread. Your business can’t afford to miss any possible lead or customer interaction. Enable your landlines to receive text messages and empower your employees to respond directly from the myKaarma app.

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myKaarma Desktop

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TextDirect Benefits

  • The Dealer has more channels for customer intertaction
  • Advisors capture customer texts from customers using the number on their business card
  • No New Numbers needed – myKaarma enables existing dealer-owned landlines to receive text messages in the myKaarma app
  • Capture an additional 50-100 customer interactions per month

Status: General Availability

69% of customers now prefer to start a conversation with a text

75% of customers don’t leave a voicemail

$250 is the average lost RO revenue from a missed service text

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