Exceptional Auto Service Interactions Between Dealership and Customers

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Mobile and Desktop Communications - Payments - Video - MPI - AND MORE!

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mobile first communications


Mobile first communications platform seamlessly connects to your auto service customers through voice, text, and email.

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Accept mobile, online, and Service Advisor direct payments for auto service, and reduce cashier lines.

walkaround video
tech video


Take HD pictures and video easily and accurately in the service lane and technician bay with walkaround and tech video.

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Video MPI

Deliver auto service recommendations for easy Amazon-like online acceptance with ServicCart.

Pick up and delivery


Use loaner, valet, shuttle, or Uber integrated options to schedule transportation pickup or delivery.

mobile service
mobile service

Mobile Service

Schedule and manage resources for a profitable auto service offering at your customer's location of choice.

myKaarma Scheduler


Make it easy for customers to schedule auto service appointments, follow-up, and confirm.

BDC integration


Business Development Center integration allows you to communicate as ONE, across multiple channels, with customers.

myKaarma Delivers Both Mobile and Desktop Access

Desktop and mobile view of pickup and delivery

myKaarma Dealers Enjoy World-Class Service and Results

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More Dealers Choose myKaarma for Auto Service Operations

“… the best thing that I’ve seen in a long time”

“I definitely recommend it for anyone who wants to have a top-level service department.”

“It’s out of this world!”

“If you don’t have myKaarma, shame on you.”

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Customer Satisfaction Benefits

The Five Secret Drains

Pickup & Delivery, 8 Tips For Dealers

The myKaarma Advantage

myKaarma is built upon an industry-leading communication and payments platform that uses natural design flows to create Exceptional Interactions for customers. Our full suite of solutions and integrations allows dealers to customize their solution selections for any need. As a result, your dealership delivers Exceptional Interactions for auto service customers who spendĀ  and stay loyal over time.

All myKaarma products are integrated using “Natural Design”. We believe you should not have to “do work to do work”. So we walk the process ourselves and experience the work being done. This enables us to completely understand the process and ensure that it naturally fits into each dealership employee’s daily tasks while also reducing task fatigue. The result is an exceptional automotive service interaction for every customer.

myKaarma Platform

See how myKaarma delivers exceptional interactions with your customers.