3 Aug

Are you Killing Customers Softly with the Same Old Song?

In a recent article Colin Shaw, a leading customer experience thought leader and author, details his car-buying experience – and not in a positive way. He experienced car-buying the same way that car dealers have always done it in the past. [Spoiler Alert! -- The title of the article is “Unbelievable! Does Car Buying HAVE to Be SO Bad?”
21 Jul

To Grow Big Try Thinking Small

According to today’s highly successful companies, a greater focus on the personal customer experience rather than mass marketing to the universe leads to far more growth. Take care of your customers with a personal touch and they will take care of you
20 Jul

Turn Your Dealership Outside-In — NOT Inside Out

Join me in Las Vegas, NV from September 18-20 at Digital Dealer 23 for my session “Turn Your Customer Experience from Blah to Wow! Lessons from Outside the Auto Industry: A Focus on How Companies such as Amazon, Zappos and Apple Outshine the Competition When it comes to Customer Experience.”
10 Jul

The Princess and the Frog: Does Size Matter?

The fact that the Internet – and, more specifically social media – has allowed consumers to interact with brands instantaneously and on a personal level has changed the game and levelled the playing field. No longer is it all about “Buy our things because we’re popular!” Today it is more about, “Do business with us because we care about you – and we’re talking just to you… at the moment.” And that’s what creates brand advocates. People love the individual experience, tell their friends and continue to interact.
27 Jun

The Future of Business Is Tra-Digital

What will determine your dealership’s success is how you adapt to your customers prefered ways to interact with you and whether or not you provide that experience to them, be it traditional, digital, or a mixture of both.
19 Jun

The Costco Effect and Customer Loyalty

Nothing will cost you more money over time than the loss of a loyal customer. A customer’s lifetime value to your dealership across sales and service can easily climb into the hundreds of thousands of dollars range. Yet many dealers end up with an unhappy customer by concentrating on the dollars and cents of a single transaction.
9 Jun

Are your Customers worth $50?

Today, in our highly competitive automotive industry, it’s all about the customer experience. How about empowering your employees to fix mistakes on their own? What about $50 to fix a mistake, or right an inconvenience? It costs a heck of a lot more than $50 to acquire a new customer, should you lose one due to some upset that was left unhandled.
5 Jun

5 Ways to Bring Customers Back for Service

It’s the goal of every service department to enjoy excellent customer retention and loyalty. Other than bribing them with coupons and incentives, what can you do to keep bringing those customers back in? Here are 5 things I have seen successful service departments do over the years that successfully bring their customers back for service.
19 May

OEMs: Give Dealers More Autonomy!

Technology changes so quickly that an impenetrable partnership which forces dealers to use one vendor over another can restrict progress, growth and sales. Freedom of choice and outside-the-box thinking is what fosters innovation and then true game-changing can begin.
15 May

Genuine Systematic Followup