27 Apr

3 Things to Pay Attention To

20 Apr

Convenience: The Biggest Factor in Increasing Service Revenue & Retention

How can dealerships alter consumer perception and make their service departments more attractive to consumers? Well, several dealers kill it in their marketplace with remote delivery and pickup for service customers. It is a highly successful action and, I promise you, is well worth looking into.
12 Apr

Wake Up and Smell the Disruption!

While many companies have entered the retail automotive space trying to capitalize on the experience customers want from dealers, but sadly are not getting, the biggest threat is actually looming on the horizon: The Tesla Model 3.
3 Apr

The Customer’s Time Is Not Yours, So Stop Thinking It Is!

What if you decreased the amount of time a customer had to wait for their car to be serviced, even if you simply reduce the time in that check-in process, that initial impression of “fast” contributes to the overall customer experience.
28 Mar

Proper Choice of Communication: The Key to Customer Satisfaction

According to a recent article in AutoRemarketing, a study by J.D. Power found that customers are overwhelmingly more loyal, and will return for service, to dealerships that communicate with them well and take the lead in the communication process. The study found both phone contact and texting increased customer loyalty. Among customers who are contacted …
16 Mar

Ujj Nath – An Unconventional Idea

2 Mar

Stop the Lunacy!

Stop the Lunacy! For the past 15 years or so, technology has existed which enables customers to schedule service appointments online. In the beginning, the systems were very basic – the customer filled out a form online and an e-mail was sent to someone at the dealership who may – or may not – confirm …
27 Feb

Ujj Nath – Are Your Service Advisors Overloaded?

MyKaarma CEO, Ujj Nath,explains why dealerships should analyze what their service advisors responsibilities are and asks whether they are overloaded?
13 Feb

The Shuttle Has Left the Building… Maybe

The Shuttle Has Left the Building… Maybe One day, while bringing my vehicle into a large, very well-known dealership for service, a rather comical scene played out before my eyes. While the shuttle driver was leaving the dealership, his mini-van full with customers, all of a sudden a strong gust of wind came through. The …
6 Feb

Ujj Nath – Effective Communications with Recall Customers

Ujj Nath // Effective Communications with Recall Customers Ujj Nath // Effective Communications with Recall Customers myKaarma CEO Ujj Nath discusses the importance of effective communications with recall customers in this short video blog.