ServiceCart™ Video MPI is more than a digitized multi-point inspection. It transforms vehicle service into a consumer-friendly online shopping experience with video, images, recommendations, and upfront pricing, for easy acceptance.

Easy one-click online shopping convenience

Build trust and increase transparency with video

Integrated with Payments and Communications

Reduce Declined Services


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ServiceCart Video MPI

The Value of Technician Videos

  • Build trust and Increase transparency by recording video of recommended repair work and apply it to an integrated MPI
  • Seeing is believing – Customers are more likely to approve work when they can visually see it
  • Average customer pay value increases 30% with use of Technician Videos
  • Technicians can pause and resume recordings as they work on a vehicle, making videos short and concise
  • Technician Videos and Video MPIs highlight common repair areas such as bald tires, dirty air filters, engine leaks, damaged suspension parts, worn brakes, broken engine mounts, and much more 
  • If it can be seen it can be recorded
  • Ability to set up automatic sending of tech videos to customers, with pricing saves Service Advisors and Technicians time
Technician inspection video screens

Want to learn the best practices of Technician Videos? 

Video Features

  • Video MPIs and Technician Videos are recorded in HD to ensure no detail is missed
  • Scan the vehicle VIN with your smartphone to automatically sync the video with the customer RO and service advisor
  • 3 Year cloud-based storage for easy and quick access
  • Since everything is stored in the cloud, no device storage is used
  • Ability to restrict video uploads to “Wifi only” to save mobile data