We have a vision: we want to dominate the conversational commerce landscape in the transportation segment. Like all tall targets, we have started by trying to prove this model in Automotive Retail in the USA. Today, with 500+ Dealers, 20 million text messages, 2 million recorded phone calls and over $1 Billion in payments, I think we have proven our thesis.
We are looking for a dynamic thought leader that is not afraid to “break the rules”. For a company that built the first version of the product with interns who were still in college, we have done what a lot of sage advisors said couldn’t be done. BUT.. we still have a long way to go! The person that makes the cut, MUST be young in their mind (Physical age means nothing.. Ask our executive team.. They all seem to defy the odds of physical limitations), be bold, and willing to take risk. Our vision for India is our own campus, with VolleyBall/Squash and food courts and freedom to create like no other company has done before.

At myKaarma, we make no bones about the fact that culture comes before everything else, and the only way to see it in action is in the decisions made by our team members. Here, we focus on good judgement and results, not process, and mistakes are punished only if they are hidden. We believe in failing-fast, clear communication among team-mates, and no sidebar meetings in the hallway after the main meeting to discuss the “real” opinions. Our team is loosely coupled, yet strongly aligned. And above all, if you need time to tackle a family exigency, we will always accommodate you, since you would have done enough succession planning that others can temporarily step in your role for the team.

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