myKaarma mobile solutions give automotive franchise dealers the ability to communicate, schedule, inspect, record, pick up and deliver, and even take payments from mobile devices.


  • Communicate with customers on your mobile device via Voice, Text, and Email
  • Don’t be tied down to your service desk, use the app on the go
  • Internally communicate with technicians, service advisors, and managers when in the service drive or technician bay, or even off-site.
  • Never miss a message or call from a customer with our mobile solutions
  • Our mobile solutions support in-app calling allowing you to get a hold of customers on the go

Mobile Scheduler+

  • Mobile solutions for both iOS and Android devices
  • Add, edit, and view upcoming appointments in the scheduler
  • Know which customers are coming and view details prior to arrival
  • Quickly check in customers in the service drive using a mobile app
  • The text area allows you to add custom notes about customers

Service Lane Inspections

  • Use your smart device to capture High Definition video of incoming service vehicles
  • Mobile solutions let you scan the VIN upon arrival to sync the vehicle with the customer
  •  Prevent bogus claims by quickly and efficiently recording damage
  • Mobile app quickly and securely uploads the video to cloud storage

Technician Documentaries

  • Technicians use our  mobile solutions to record HD footage of repair work needed
  • Mobile app sends recorded video directly to the service advisor for review
  • Mobile scan VIN to sync the vehicle with the customer, RO, and customer
  • Technicians can internally communicate with service advisors via in-app messenger to discuss repair work being recommended
payments process on mobile

Mobile Payments

  • Customers have the ability to pay at any time on any mobile device
  • Customer receives a secure link via text and email to view their R.O.

Mobile Service

79% of customers find “At Home Service” appealing!

Mobile Service allows you to bring the expertise of your dealership to your customer’s preferred location. Your factory-trained technicians become a mobile repair “shop”, with all of the approved tools and equipment to properly inspect and maintain customer vehicles. Deliver dealership quality and give back valuable time to customers. Customers can schedule online, or call directly. 

mobile service

Pickup & Delivery

  • Quickly add, edit, and create trips directly in the app
  • Valet drivers are tracked directly in-app via mobile GPS
  • Drivers will have all the trip details confirmed in the mobile app prior to starting the trip
  • Capture customer E-signature’s upon intake and drop of a service vehicle/ loaner
  • Mobile scan VIN to sync the vehicle with the customer, RO, and customer
  • Drivers can take Video of customer vehicles and loaner cars 
  • Saved Video protects the dealers from bogus damage claims