Prior to myKaarma, Gaurav & Ujj have 25 years of experience as entrepreneurs and executives, primarily as the co-founders of Syncata Corporation, a business & technology consulting firm with a 15-year track record serving the automotive industry OEMs American Honda Motor Co., and Toyota Motor Sales. Spurred by a less-than-optimal automobile service experience, they had the vision to build the first Customer Interaction Management platform which would transform automotive service and radically transform the customer experience.


Our culture is driven by these key “mantras”:

Values are what we Value

We practice our values and are not guided by plaques on the wall.  We walk the walk and don’t just talk the talk!

Context, not Control

To execute rapidly we spend great amounts of time being transparent and communicating our corporate strategy.  We feel context eats control for breakfast.

High Performance

We are focused on completing the work with quality and with no loose ends, and we deliver the type of quality we expect to receive from others.

Highly Aligned, Loosely Coupled

As we grow we underscore the need to be loosely coupled, but highly aligned, so that teams are not waiting on other teams to complete their goals. Teams can keep moving and the company can realize the benefits when all the teams are done.

Freedom & Responsibility

We stress freedom and responsibility and we don’t “second guess the lieutenant in the field”.  We feel that our team should exercise good judgment and should take calculated amounts of risk.  Mistakes are only frowned upon if they are hidden.  We celebrate mistakes through the lessons learned.

Innovate or Die

We fundamentally believe that every day there are competitors that are targeting us to put us out of business.  This drives us to keep finding better ways and more effective solutions every day to stay relevant in our customer’s eyes.