Reynolds Appointment Integration

October 21, 2020


Now Reynolds ERA and POWER Dealers can schedule service appointments in Reynolds or in myKaarma and the data can be pushed or pulled into both systems. With this new integration, all myKaarma web and desktop appointments will be pushed to the DMS in real-time. Also, all DMS appointments will be pulled into myKaarma in real-time.

Intended Recipients


myKaarma Desktop

Product Type

Scheduler Integration

Reynolds Integration Benefits

  • Reynolds scheduler integration allows pull and push appointments from myKaarma and Reynolds DMS.
  • Real-time appointment and customer lookup in myKaarma.
  • Real-time customer and appointment information sync in DMS.
  • All service appointment attributes like Customer name, phone number, email, operation codes selected, service advisor, and transportation options are pushed to Reynolds in real-time.
  • Highly configurable, offering robust integration for service advisors and the BDC team to seamlessly perform scheduling in myKaarma without having to double enter the appointment details in Reynolds.

Status: General Availability

myKaarma has completed the certification
process in the Reynolds Certified Interface
(RCI) Program. Certification in the RCI Program helps ensure safe, secure, and reliable data transfer between myKaarma and Reynolds and Reynolds ERA® and POWER. 

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