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We offer two options for payment collection. Keep your payment processor and benefit from myKaarma Payments Integration, or choose myKaarma Payments Processing for a complete payment experience.

Payments Integration

Bring Your Own Processor
  • Contactless Card Payments
  • DMS Integration
  • Apple/Google Pay for Retail
  • Online Payments via Text and Email
  • ** 3D Secure - Chargeback Prevention

Payments Processing

Powered by myKaarma
  • Contactless Card Payments
  • DMS Integration
  • Apple/Google Pay for Retail
  • Fully Compliant Credit Card Surcharging
  • Apple/Google Pay for Online Checkout
  • Online Payments via Text and Email
  • Affirm - Buy Now Pay Later
  • Reduced Accounting Overhead
  • ACH Checkout (online or manual)
  • * Mobile Payment Terminals
  • ** Reduced Cost 3D Secure - Chargeback Prevention

* Activated on mobile networks via Bluetooth for remote payment acceptance.
Utilizing 3DSecure, mK’s software, and advanced fraud tools

Upgrade Your Payments Features with myKaarma

All major forms of payment

Accept All Major Forms of Payment

  • With myKaarma Payments Integration and Payments Processing, you can accept all major credit cards: Master Card, American Express, Visa, and Discover.
  • Accept EMV and contactless payments.
  • Available alternative payment methods for Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Affirm Live (Affirm feature requires Payments Processing).

Eliminate Credit Card Fees

  • Eliminate 100% of credit card processing fees and save over 70% in processing costs compared to your existing processor.
  • Fully compliant with Federal, State, and Card Brand surcharge policy.
  • Integrated reconciliation reporting to outline RO and surcharge amounts.
  • ONLY available with Payments Processing.
Eliminate Credit Card Fees
Payment security

Security and Fraud Prevention

  • 3-D Secure online verification authenticates cardholder identity to prevent online payment fraud and chargebacks
  • Shift payment liability to issuing banks.
  • Protect transactions for all major credit cards: Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express.
  • ONLY available with Payments Processing.

Multi-Department Payments

  • Take payments for Service, Parts, Body Shop, Loaner, and Sales Department.
  • Easily reconcile all transactions into one report with a summary of transactions for each department and each employee.
  • Save your Controller hours of work with consolidated reconciliations for all departments into one automated report at the end of the day.
multi-department payments
mobile payments

Mobile Online Retail Payments

  • Customers can pay at any time, reducing wait times and lines.
  • Allow Service Advisors to request and take mobile payments anywhere via WiFi and Bluetooth on existing Apple/Android devices. Mobile terminals are ONLY available with Payments Processing.
  • Capture e-signatures and send invoices via text or email with a link to see the customer’s e-invoice with an order summary.

You may be eligible for complimentary touch screen terminals!

Replace your existing merchant payment processor with myKaarma Payment Processing and deliver the leading automotive industry payments experience to your customers. Sign up for a demo today and find out if you qualify for complimentary touch screen terminals.