ServiceConnect is an automated TCPA-compliant customer communications outreach tool with a dashboard containing all the information you need to set up timely, pertinent messages to your service customers.

27% Customer Response

Responded and showed up through text outreach

323 Hours Saved

Time saved using ServiceConnect automation

Increase Service Revenue

Targeting actual customer needs increases revenue

Based on 25 different parallel campaigns run by a single dealer. 320 ROs were created within a 90-day period, and 1,217 customers were reached. Hours saved assumes it takes 5 minutes to send 10 messages manually.

Use the right channel at the right time and achieve 2X ROI on recall, declined services, and other communication needs.

ServiceConnect Campaign channels

Integrated Communications Approach

ServiceConnect’s integrated approach picks the right channel and time to invoke interest from your customer with a fully automated outreach process. Campaigns can be set in channel rotation for effective outreach.

Let Customers Know You Care

  • No more fragmentation of customer history
  • No more impersonal outreach
  • No more individual and manual outreach for each follow up
  • No more wasted time
ServiceConnect Screens

See How It Works

Watch this overview to see how ServiceConnect works. Learn how it can help your dealership communicate more effectively for happier customers and increased revenue.

Simple, Effective, Automated Customer Outreach

Make your customer outreach efforts more effective. ServiceConnect achieves 2X ROI.