pickup and delivery


Gain performance efficiencies with pickup & delivery software that allows full route tracking, and instant communications between scheduler, driver, and clients.

Know where your drivers are and keep the customer informed at every step of the way.

Performing a loaner swap or pickup, we simplify the process and protect you from damage claims with built-in Service Lane and Tech Video.

Videos and photos are instantly accessible from high-speed storage.

View and manage vehicles, drivers, and trips from one dashboard.

live route tracking

Live Route Tracking

  • Track each route for directness to customer
  • Client may call the driver or transportation manager directly
  • Clients can track their vehicle pickup or delivery on a live map
  • Clients receive a text message with a clickable link to track the driver
  • See the progress of each transportation route in live action
  • Plan the next pickup or delivery based on LIVE arrival times

Video Walkaround

  • Eliminates the risk of bogus damage claims during transport
  • Assures customer you are responsible for any damage incurred during transport
  • Builds trust through a transparent process
  • Easy to do and takes less than a minute
  • High-definition video and photos for easy viewing
  • Uploaded into myKaarma platform so no device storage is used
  • Delayed WiFi-only uploading is available to eliminate device data usage
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Customer View

  • Customers can track driver progress and arrival time
  • Customer can easily contact the driver if needed
  • Customer can track the driver (& their vehicle) back to the dealership for transparent trip results
  • Assures the customer that there will be NO joy rides in their vehicle

Driver View

  • Eliminate paper routing directions
  • Full navigation and route mapping/directions within the app
  • Re-routing automatically happens based on road/route conditions
  • Easy text/call the client from the app when the driver arrives

Over 1 Million Trips Completed and Counting

CPRO can increase by 10% on average with a completed trip.