How to Get Team Buy-In For A Successful Automotive Technician Video Program

Automotive tech video team

Why is buy-in important when launching a technician video program at your dealership?

Automotive Technician Video programs can increase RO value by up to 40%. In addition, they improve trust, transparency, convenience and ensure an overall better customer experience.

This is why it is extremely important when launching technician videos at your dealership to gain team buy-in as part of your technician video strategy.  This includes advisors, techs, managers, supervisors, and anyone involved in the vehicle repair process. They all must be fully engaged and bought in on technician videos. when this happens the launch will be successful. 

It is a natural human reaction to want to belong to something that has meaning. This new process is just the right thing to start building your team. 

How to gain team buy-in for technician videos

In order to get the “Buy- in” from everyone in your team, you must include them in the implementation and decision making process. Each one of your team members must feel and believe they are an instrumental part in this new change. The key word is ownership, each team member must feel included and have a certain amount of responsibility in the program’s success. 

Some ideas on how to do this:

  1. Delegate to the shop foreman or group leaders to be the Checks and Balances on the process and offer suggestions on how this should work.
  2. Build tech teams that will help each other when making these videos.
  3. Have the tech teams come up with ideas on how this can improve the work flow and enhance the communication between the advisor and technician.
  4. Have the techs offer suggestions on tracking individual performance. 
  5. Let the techs provide input on incentive plans for top performers.
  6. Request input from advisors and techs on appropriate benchmark to measure initial success.
  7. Have the service advisors provide input on the roll out. 

The more that your team is included in the intricacies of the new change, the better they will adhere to the process. Little to no push back will be experienced during the launch. 

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