Structure Your Technician Videos for Success

service technician making a video

Structuring your technician videos makes the process easier and increases acceptance for added services.

Many technicians are hesitant to use video as a means to share service recommendations with customers.  Some of this fear can be alleviated by following a consistent structure for each technician video produced. Implementing a uniform and consistent order to structure your technician videos ensures that the customer understands the Information provided, and delivers the best outcomes for the service technician in the form of added services. 

myKaarma's recommended structure for videos

  1.  Start the video with the device camera recording the RO on the tech’s workbench
  2. While facing the RO, speak into the Mic and introduce yourself by saying the following: “hello, my name is [Your Name] and I am your [Brand] certified technician working on your vehicle today” 
  3. With the vehicle already raised on the hoist, face the front of the vehicle and begin describing what you are doing.(I would like to go over the findings of your vehicle’s inspection while I have it here in the shop”). 
  4. Next, make sure to point out and show any recommendations found on or around the front axle of the vehicle and under the engine, for example: Oil leaks, left and right front brake lining, rotors, tires, wheels, cv boots, suspension components etc.
  5. While showing the brake or tire wear be sure to speak in percentages and not millimeters as the customer understands this better. 
  6. Work your way to the rear of the vehicle pointing out the condition of the undercarriage and explaining any damage if any is found or if all is secure. 
  7. Next, once in the rear axle area be sure to point out the brake and tire wear condition as well as the condition of the suspension components regardless of the condition. 
  8. Point out the rear bumper condition and capture the license plate within the video, this will serve as an identifying marker for the customer. 
  9. At this time the video should be paused and the vehicle should be lowered on the hoist. 
  10. Open the hood and resume the video pointing out the condition of the air filters, air intake, hoses, belts and fluid condition as well as any recommended services that go along with it. 
  11. Finalize the video by saying “Your service advisor will be contacting you soon, Thank you for choosing (dealership name) for your service needs. “ 

Follow this uniform and consistent order for structuring your technician videos and ensuring that your customer understands the information provided. The better they understand, the more your additional service recommendations will get approved.

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