Abhishek Garg

Abhishek is a geek who loves to read books and travel.

Akshay Tyagi

Akshay is a lazy guy who loves watching movies and eating burgers. If he is free over a weekend( which is a rare event), one might find him writing short stories.

Alka Nath

Earlier this year, I dragged someone I met for the first time into a Church of Scientology because I’ve always been curious about it. This experience probably strengthened our budding friendship. I wasn’t converted, but I watched three documentaries about Scientology within the following week. Watch the documentaries. They’re fascinating.

Amir Haider

Amir loves entrepreneurship, storytelling, and the Los Angeles Lakers. As a curious individual, he spends his off time trying new restaurants, playing basketball, travelling, or meeting strangers.

Amit Sharma

Humility is the ability to give up your pride and still retain your dignity.

Anne-Marie Baumann

A 28 year veteran of the Automotive Industry with over 15 year’s experience managing a top producing, highline dealership in one of the most competitive markets in the U.S.. I’m now know by my dealer’s as a passionate, committed partner. Working together to solve problems and achieve measurable results. Let’s chat - 480.239.5600

Aseem Khare

Aseem is a gadget geek and is obsessed with console gaming. He is an avid traveler and could be found lazing off in the pool on weekends.

Asher Peruscini

Asher enjoys creating with his hands, and reading about the blockchain, technology, new and upcoming startups. He is always pushing himself to learn anything more, and never takes himself too seriously. However, this is probably because he is British. #WeAreLATech Member

Ashton Bukko

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Ashwini Singh Tomar

Mountains.Music.Sports.Football.FIFA. Forever Blaugrana !

Ayush Rawat

feels great, to be a host of more than a million bug-free pretty complex algorithmic processes running in parallel sharing resources and producing the desirable output, what one spark of a thought want them all to!

Ayush Singh

Loves travelling to cold places especially those which are less crowded or less known. Loves gaming especially CSGO, you can ping me on Steam - $nipy. Football lover ( Messi fan! ).

Bill Fletcher

Bill loves living in Nevada with his family and his dogs (actually they were included). Loves old history and old music, and walks in the mountains. Doesn’t like sports (except rugby) or television (mostly) … or sports on television, of course.

Bruce Sarvis

Traveling the world with friends and family and my Grandson sitting on my lap are my two favorite things.

Burair Ashary

Spends the majority of his day in Excel… trying to VLOOKUP answers to life’s toughest questions. Needless to say, he appreciates a well crafted spreadsheet. He is also into good food, great stories, and bad TV.

Casey O'Brien

When I’m not working, I’m usually hanging with my pup watching sports or playing golf. I’ve travelled all over Europe and ended up doing a graduate degree in Northern England. I’m an avid reader and watcher of all things alien.

Chad Genco

Rangers, Yankees, Knicks, Giants and a good slice of pizza.

Christian Calderon

He eats the same breakfast every morning, but manages to keep it interesting. When he speeds, police pull themselves over and write their own ticket. He never sleeps, he only rests his eyes. He is.... the most interesting man in Marietta.

Cody Tarlow

If you see me constantly messing around with my phone it's because I am overhauling and redesigning our iOS and Android apps, not because I am on Facebook looking at cat pictures...

Daniel Dianich

Born in Tokyo but a Californian at heart.  Binging on life…and Netflix shows.

Dave Emde

Dave is a gadget geek at heart. Unfortunately many of his gadgets don’t work when he's backpacking.

David Pascarella

David has a passion for punk rock music, assisting elderly women across the street, and making sure he maximizes the opportunity this world has to offer. He spends free time barbecuing with friends, playing frisbee golf, and plotting the creating of his own healthcare hub. One day he would like to own a penguin.

Dhruv Sachdeva

Like Driving car fast,love doing swimming.Playing cricket and doing gym. Like listening soft slow music,reading interest in mythology and spirituality.Caring for pets.

Don Sander

If you are looking for Don, there are only a few places to look; Behind a computer, behind a drum set or guitar, on a motorcycle, and or possibly on top of a mountain. You will not find him in front of a camera, so don’t bother looking there.

Doug MacGlashan

Serial peanut butter eater. NYTimes xword solver (in pen). Luv humans & pets..pets more, & running. Committed to customers living the dream.

Dr. Animesh Pathak

Animesh is the resident absent-minded mad-scientist at myKaarma, and in this role, he gets to get away with having the coolest toys, and scribbling nonsensical mathematical symbols on the whiteboards. He also loves swimming, cooking, and movies, though
not necessarily at the same time.

Efren Alpizar

Tri-Lingual (Spanish, English, Portuguese) Backyard beekeeper and love to travel meet new cultures.

Fadi AbuZaineh

When he’s not attending various music events and festivals, Fadi spends his free time making music of his own and spreading the word of house music on his blog. You might also catch him playing a set at your local night club. Don’t forget to check out his latest upload on SoundCloud too.

Frank Caridi

Frank is an avid motorcycle enthusiast and riding instructor. When not standing at the support command center, Frank can be found wrenching on his old Chevy or camping at the racetrack in his converted solar powered school bus. Frank often emphasises that he is not Frank Danzer.  He isn’t.  He really isn’t Frank Danzer.

Frank Danzer

As a German in SoCal, I love family time, travel, music and food, mostly in this order. Stop by if you want to talk LTV, CAC or NWOBHM! Screeeeam for me, Long Beach!

Gaurav Sharma

He was once offered 10 million dollars by Nigerian royalty, which he turned down. He holds the undisputed world record for the most number of un-responded voicemails. He single-handedly brought down the entire email system of a fortune-500 company by clicking on “interesting” emails.

Gaurav Singhal

Gaurav loves hitting the road with his friends. Being foodie, he likes to cook in his free time. Music is like meditation for him. Always aspired to learn new technologies.

Hemant Babool

I love to Code and play CS GO. You can ping me on steam "No0N3"

Himanshu Singla

I like to watch movies, stay fit and sleep in my free time.

Hitesh Kumar

Hitesh loves hill rides, a technology enthusiast, is a big fan of Open-source world and of sleeping too.

Inderjeet Singh

Inderjeet is an extrovert, always up for an adventure, and sports and loves driving, be it cars or his own projects in the company. For him, the kind of work you do is a clear reflection of how much your customers and your family are satisfied.

Isaac Cuchilla

As a native Angeleno, Isaac represents his City with pride wherever he goes around the globe. He is also a proud USC Trojan, published writer, startup founder and fan of local radio station KCRW. You can usually find him rooting for his beloved Dodgers, enjoying live music or consuming well-sourced news, to build informed opinions on the impacts of media, government and technology on our quality of life.

James Kirk

James loves startups, trotting the globe, and making beer. He’s enthusiastic and curious, and always happy to reach something on the top shelf for you.

Jatin Gulati

Moody. Curious. Mountains person. Music lover.

Jayram Kumar

I love singing old bollywood songs, reading books and sleeping in my free time.

Jitesh Aneja

I am a 'small - towner' with big dreams. I love swimming and traveling and eating ! Very passionate about technology & persistent towards my life's goals. I am a secret poet. (Not so secret anymore! )

Joe LaClare

Joe loves the thrill of helping start-ups grow which is only matched by his passion for the Auto Industry. His highest calling however, is being a good husband and father to his wife and four kiddos. His favorite Captain is Picard and the rumor is that his distant ancestors are Wookie (“brrwhhhaargh”).

Joe Matthews

Joe enjoys bungee jumping in Mexico where there are less regulations. He is an avid Drone racer and trying to get the sport in the Summer Olympics.

Jon Mayhall

Jon loves the outdoors and the excitement of new places. There is nothing better than being in a big city and experiencing what they have to offer. As soon as he can sit down to relax, he’s off again exploring new things.

Kenny Mills

I'm a Sales guy, so I eat, sleep, and breath dealerships and myKaarma…..you will only find me on an airplane, rental car, hotel room, or a dealership. Where you won't find me is when I'm fly fishing.….but leave a message: (562) 391-2317

Kent Mihlbauer

I run in a lot of different groups, marketing, technology, business, motorcyclist, car enthusiast, metalhead music fan, sports fan, husband, and many more. Some would say I’m confused, but I say I live a blended life.

Kevin Tranter

Born and raised in Seattle #GOHAWKS Kevin enjoys all that the PNW has to offer. When he is not traveling for work you can find him on Lake Washington or on his motorcycle. Kevin's favorite part of traveling is trying new restaurants along the way.

Kim Skovold

Kim loves people and doggies! Training them is the best part (doggies that is), people can be fun too. Cuddling is her favorite exercise she is all about fitness.

Larry Bonner

When I am not working you will usually find me somewhere outdoors. Whether I am hunting, fishing or working with my hands I enjoy spending my time outside of the concrete jungle. Being from Dallas I am a huge Cowboys fan and yes I do buy into the hype of Jerry Jones that they are going to win the Super Bowl every year.

Lori Tennant

Lori is a 39 year veteran of the automotive and car rental industries and is a proud Canadian.Lori loves to ski and to travel the world. She lives in South Florida and loves maple syrup (the real thing) and her favorite TV show of all time is Columbo.

Mamta Nath

Love my dog Olive, just cannot believe that I was mortally scared of dogs a couple of years ago

Marco Gallardo

Marco has always been a car guy since he was a little boy, and one day dreams of living up to his last name and owning a Lamborghini Gallardo!... for now he sticks to the Maserati.

Mohan Krishna

Mohan is , Inquisitive, an avid moviegoer , a coffeephile!!. He spends his free time listening to music and reading fantasy books and just as this blurb likes to keep things concise. 🙂

Mohit Tyagi

He is tireless even during the prime hours of the morning. If he takes up any job, the yield is always impeccable. One may find him at Gym in his leisure.

Naveen Kumar

I am fond of playing table tennis and have represented my school & college at various inter-state competitions. I want to travel the world and learn a lot ! I am very fond of reading novels, and my bag always contains at least one.

Nirod Samal

Nirod is easy-going, nature-lover and an avid morning walker. Also loves to indulge himself in database programming.

Nishan Hasan

Nishan is a bodybuilding and UFC enthusiast. Wants to be a top programmer and travel the world. In love with solving complex algorithmic problems 😀

Paramdeep Singh

Avid learner and a master builder. If you have some pieces that need to be put together to make something interesting and useful, he is the guy even if you need to make a joke.

Parveen Gulati

Parveen, the word means ‘Expert’ in Hindi. I love travelling, going for long drives and cooking (sometimes) - for fun.

Peter Cheng

Peter is a big foodie and enjoys traveling around the world. Peter is now hungry after writing this.

Phanindra Maddasani

Introvert. Likes to Play Outdoor Games.  And sleep in free time.

Rahul Pathak

Rahul tends to use and abuse technology to its limit. When he is not working, he can be spotted at a local chess club or at a gym. He also loves delving into physics and nanotechnology. Presently, he is learning Spanish (on Duolingo) because it sounds amusing.

Rahul Yadav

Loves Humans & Coffee, Plays snooker in spare time, Technology freak and internet nut. Listens to Rap music (favorite Eminem), Loves Life , Wants to make a difference in the world.

Rajat Sharda

Rajat is an ambitious and versatile person. Moreover he likes to go for long drives, play football, cricket and listens to music in his free time.

Ravi Teja

Ravi is a big foodie, loves to cook delicious south indian dishes and solve complex mathematical problems, started a project to climb everest one day. Interested in coding and sketching.

Rishi Roy

Rishi loves to travel new places and watch sci-fi shows . He likes nonsense; it wakes up the brain cells

Rony Ghaly

Born in the Lands of Pharos, love to read History, Technology, Hi tech and science.Also loves to swim, watch movies, listen to music and work in the house fixing broken things.

Satish Bhadouria

Loves to solve puzzles ,reading articles on internet and talking with friends.

Satyendra Singh

Curious, Wild life lover, Loves to learn new things. He makes technology obey him.

Saurabh Samtani

Saurabh is very old school, listens to Indian classical music all the time. He thinks he's into data, UI and understands business. Very quiet and mostly lost. Gets stuck on things for a long time to absorb every bit of it. Bakes awesome cakes. Writes 1 poem/year. Loves mountains. Forever Arsenal!

Scott Jamieson

I am a Motor City Gearhead; I like spending time on the water; going “Up North”; and camping. And remember if you do come to visit make sure to pack for all 4 seasons, regardless of travel date or length of stay. You will thank me.

Sean Boudreau

I’ve been lucky enough to call  Chicago home for the past 7 years. I really enjoy living in one of the best food cities in the world and take full advantage of all the city has to offer when I’m home. When I’m not traveling for work you can find me traveling for fun to any place I can get to.

Sharif Tarver

Sharif is an entrepreneur at heart with a passion for FinTech and will use a SWOT analysis on pretty much anything. In his spare time he like’s to read books on Python, learn how to build investment algorithms, learning german, and learn about learning. His favorite super hero is Tony Stark.

Shrey Gupta

I love indulging in all kinds of sports (specially cricket) and a sucker for good food and travel. Software developer by the day, batman in the night :’)

Shruti Bhatia

Shruti believes that she was an explorer (or a pirate) in an earlier life. In her head she is always planning her next great adventure. Travel is her oxygen. She loves stirring up trouble by discussing politics. She is very fond of debating and confusing people by proving right both sides of the issue being debated. Her idea of a good time (if not travelling) is reading a good book with a cup of hot chocolate while it rains outside. She loves doing wacky stuff and experimenting. If it’s anything new that needs to be tried out, you can count on her being in !

Sri Mouli Kathula

Mouli is a lazy tech geek who loves driving. If travelling is free you will never see him again. He spends his free time playing chess and poker.

Stephen Rodgers

Steve spends his days flying with Ironman, dealing with SHIELD and world problems, but mostly telling and selling.

Swapnil Vyas

Love to travel. Sports enthusiast specially cricket(VK’s fan). I like movies, television series and music - Eminem fan ! Live for cracking logical problem.And like to relax n chill alot.

Tafsir Alam

Tafsir means 'Interpretation' and true to my name I love explaining all kinds of things! I am also fond of listening to light music, playing games, and teaching.

Trenton Blackwell

Born and raised in Silicon Valley. I’ve been a photographer for almost a decade. I have a passion for solving problems and figuring things out. In my spare time I’m either reading, learning to code or playing video games. Unless of course there’s snow in the Sierra’s, in which case you can find me on a mountain strapped into my snowboard!

Ujj Nath

Ujj is chief cook and bottle washer, and loves swimming and riding bikes. He looks forward to his 40+mile bike rides during the weekend and the Dwight Crum pier-to-pier swim every year.. Currently he is experimenting with his treadmill desk to see if he can stay fit while he works.

Vipul Khullar

I love to read tech blogs, watch TV series and travel.

Vishal Rai

Vishal is “big”, as his name suggests. He is big on effort, big on results, big on adventure. A recently married man, he goes all out to strike the perfect work life balance. He loves spending time with his family and listening to old Bollywood songs.
His soulful eyes can extract confessions out of you, so please beware!