Upgraded Opt-Out Protection with AI Intent Analyzer

April 2, 2019


Capture customer INTENT, not just keywords! Don’t miss an opt-out because the customer didn’t follow instructions and send the KEYWORD.

Intended Recipients

  • GM's
  • Fixed Ops Directors,
  • Service Directors
  • Service Managers
  • Service Advisors



Product Type


Opt-Out Intent Captured by myKaarma AI for Texting

  • If a customer does NOT text the simple KEYword required to opt out, myKaarma's AI will scan the intent and identify those that do NOT want to be texted
  • If a customer texts something like "Don't text me anymore" instead of "STOP" it will automatically be captured as an Opt-Out message
  • The AI reads the intent of the message, protecting your organization from the risk of "questionable" Opt-Out requests
  • Why this is critical? The TCPA and FCC are starting to look at intent and myKaarma wants to protect you at the highest level possible by using our industry-leading AI technology

Additional Info

  • Customers that Opt-Out can easily Opt back in by texting "Optin" to the service number and confirming they want to receive texts from you again. (this is a two-step Opt-In and confirmation process to protect the store)
  • AI technology can get confused on the intent of a text once in a while so a customer will see a message notifying them they are being opted out and letting them know they can type "Optin" to continue receiving text messages from your store
  • A service advisor can also call the client and request they text "Optin" to instantly re-activate a customer who was Opted Out.
  • Just remember that even if a client has opted out of texting, you can still call them through myKaarma and discuss their vehicle with them. You will even be able to let them know that they can always text "Optin" to the service number to opt back into receiving texts about their vehicle repair process


Going Live 5/6 2019

How am I impacted?

There will be virtually no disruption in your current processes. This UPGRADE is designed to improve your security ahead of any FCC and TCPA directional shifts.

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