Easily Tag Groups of Users in Internal Notes

January 6, 2022


Dealership users can quickly loop in their colleagues by tagging them as a *group* in an internal note. Service BDCs, Parts Reps, all Advisors – quickly loop in your colleagues in important threads.

  • Manage groups in the myKaarma “admin” tab
  • Tag users OR groups in internal notes
  • See the list of users who were tagged in a given internal note
  • Choose to “follow” or “unfollow” threads 

Intended Recipients


myKaarma Desktop and APP

Product Type


Status: Alpha - not generally avalable at this time


The group tagging feature should positively impact the following KPIs

  • Time spent for internal communication – as users will not need to tag group members individually
  • Adoption of myKaarma internal communication – everything in one place
Group Tagging in myKaarma APP

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