BDC Integration to communications

June 4, 2019

Product Description

BDC Integration with myKaarma Communications

Intended Recipients

  • General Managers
  • BDC managers
  • FOD
  • Corporate Management Team


Desktop App

Product Type

BDC/ Communication

Full BDC Integration to myKaarma Communications

Eliminate Status calls to your BDC and increase the handling of NEW appointments by phone and Text.


  • Drives BDC efficiency by eliminating "vehicle repair status" calls
  • Virtually eliminates the 60% of total calls a BDC receives regarding the status of current repairs
  • Increases ability to handle more appointment setting call and texts
  • Prevent the loss of appointment by NOT transferring the customer call to the service department for the price quotes - use myKaarma BDC internal messaging with service advisors for BDC to maintain the customer call and make the appointment
  • myKaarma's group-based message routing ensures coverage by sending calls and texts to any available BDC operator



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