Want More Service Revenue? Make Technician Videos!

Would you like to hear a ridiculous, unbelievable ROI statement? Well, one luxury brand dealership integrated technician videos into its service processes and, in only seven days, made +$250K in customer pay recommended work revenue. In fact, 80% of all closed repair orders for the week had a technician video sent to the customer.

Why do technician videos work?

They create transparency and build trust because the customer hears the diagnosis and the recommended repair from the “horse’s mouth” (the technician), and by the way, the video is in the technician’s own words without needing a theatrical production crew! The majority of customers don’t understand most service recommendations and will choose to decline so they can leave and ask family or friends if the specific repair recommended is needed. Videos build trust and dramatically improve acceptance rates.

Videos are the most effective form of communication, second only to a customer standing in the repair bay and talking to the technician. Seeing is believing.

I know what you’re thinking, “I don’t run a luxury dealership, and my repair order estimates are drastically lower than a typical luxury dealership.” Well, lucky for you, I have some data from non-luxury dealerships as well.

A low-to-midline dealership added technician videos into its service process and within 25 days achieved a $15,800 increase in customer pay revenue. Also, that was with just 30% of all RO’s having a technician video sent to the customer. So, now can you see the opportunity for increased service revenue?

Dealerships that adopt technician videos should expect sustained growth as the technicians get used to the process and increase the use of video to the 100% mark, which is the recommended best practice.

Once you build transparency and customer trust around what the technician is recommending, customers are much more likely to approve the recommended work.

How many hoops do you have to jump through to get a $5k-$10k increase in service revenue? And at what cost? Traditional mailer or email list marketing? Expensive local print, radio, or TV advertisements?

Try this!

Implementing a process that allows your current customers to accept recommended repairs through technician videos is much more effective. It is also significantly less expensive than spending money on service marketing, attempting to lure customers back into the dealership after they have left.

Most marketing doesn’t include individual one-on-one conversations. Technician videos do. Consumers are much more likely to respond to, trust, and accept service recommendations when they are specific to their vehicle. When they can view and understand the needed repair; and when they are personalized and sent in a way that the customer prefers, be that by email or text; they respond in a much more favorable fashion.

If you adopt technician videos in service, your dealership could reduce much of its service marketing budget while, at the same time, increasing service revenue. 

Isn’t that the ultimate goal?