myKaarma Launches No Cost Pickup & Delivery During COVID-19 Pandemic

Long Beach, CA —March 20, 2020 — myKaarma, the most innovative end-to-end software solution for automotive dealer service departments, today announced that its Pickup & Delivery solution is now offered at no cost to all U.S. and Canadian franchised dealerships until the nation is past the coronavirus pandemic.

“In these unprecedented times, one of our first responsibilities is to do what we can to help our clients and communities. This Service@Home feature enables the dealership to continue to do business with vehicle owners while allowing them to remain at home. It makes the entire process hands-free with no contact for both vehicle owners and dealer employees alike. Pickup & Delivery provides valet management services and integrates seamlessly with our communication and payment platforms,” said myKaarma CEO Ujj Nath. “Additionally, our installation and support teams are ready to provide no-cost remote training to the dealership through video and phone interactions. Based on our understanding of the outbreak, myKaarma will provide this no-cost option available until at least the end of May 2020 for all dealerships,” Nath added.

myKaarma’s Pickup & Delivery software allows full route tracking and instant communications between scheduler, driver, and clients. Dealerships and customers can have visibility to a driver’s location every step of the way. Whether doing a loaner swap or just picking up a customer’s vehicle for service, Pickup and Delivery simplifies the process and even protects dealers from customer damage claims with the built-in service lane and technician video feature. Videos and photos are instantly accessible from high-speed storage. 

In the recent 2019 Cox Automotive “Future of Consumer Experience” study, 89% of consumers agreed that an ideal ownership experience would include a service to pick-up a vehicle in need of maintenance or repair and return the vehicle when the work is complete. Nearly 70% of consumers would consider switching to a brand offering such a benefit.

“In some dealership’s pilot programs, we have seen a 57% lift in RO dollars per vehicle when it is picked up, serviced, and delivered back to the customer. In these difficult times innovative solutions can keep revenue flowing and fuel loyalty and retention for years to come,” Nath stated.

For more information visit: https://mykaarma.com.

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About myKaarma:

myKaarma believes a dealer shouldn’t have to “do work to do work.” Their sophisticated and natural design flow creates effortless, easy, and exceptional interactions. Built upon an industry-leading communication and payment platform, myKaarma delivers good karma for vehicle owners and dealers alike by making the service experience better for all.

With over $6.6 Billion in payments processed, 155 million text messages transmitted, and over 2.1 million videos recorded, customers have realized a 30% lift in RO dollars when using the latest solutions. myKaarma is an advanced end-to-end platform with scheduling, communications, payment, pickup and delivery, video MPI, BDC solutions, and insightful reporting.

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