ServiceCart Premium

February 9, 2024


ServiceCart Premium saves time and improves accuracy for ServiceCart™ Video MPI users.

The Premium package includes:

  • Multi-Inspection Types & Workflows
  • EasyRec
  • ShopChat

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ServiceCart™, Desktop, Mobile APP

ServiceCart Premium

Status: Alpha

Multi-Inspection Types & Workflows

Dealers can create multiple inspection types, each with their own customized forms.

Each inspection type can also have a unique workflow or share workflows with other inspection types.

Dealers can effectively manage different inspection types like: express service, EVs, CPOs, and more.

  • Reduce time spent on inspections that do not need extensive forms
  • Meet OEM/Group requirements to include specific inspection questions that are required for vehicle certification
  • Easily manage different inspection types
Multi-Inspection Types & Workflows

EasyRec Saves Time

Global Settings

Administrators can type or import up to 350 prewritten responses for common service recommendations.

EasyRec global settings

Edit and Modify

Develop your own category titles and descriptions with up to 350 characters each. 

Managers may draft and delegate the list of answers to each question, or import them via CSV upload.

Sharing an EasyRec list with a sister store is made possible via the CSV export feature as well. 

Edit and Add OpCodes

Added Customization

Allow your Technicians to start with prewritten formats and modify them when circumstances require a deviation from the prewritten option.

Technicians will no longer need to type out the same full recommendations over and over again. 

EasyRec will standardize the recommendation language and simplify the process.

EasyRec-Edit Create

Formatted Responses On The Fly

As Technicians work through a ServiceCart™ inspection, EasyRec detects recommendation options as the Technician begins to type.

 Eliminate spelling and grammar issues, save the technician critical time typing, and accurately convey recommendations to your service customers. 

Custom Rec

Upload Your Own OpCodes

EasyRec lets you upload your own OpCodes – Along with auto-populating the Title and Descriptions, administrators can associate an OpCode with an EasyRec response.

Upload op codes

ShopChat Keeps You Informed

ShopChat is an internal communication tool that allows users to communicate about specific inspections or recommendations.

Using @ mentions, users can notify other specific users to more efficiently accomplish tasks and collaborate within the store.

  • Streamline the vehicle service journey
  • Decrease the time it takes for technicians, parts, and advisors to complete inspections
ShopChat internal communications

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