Secure Vault

August 19, 2020


Secure Vault is a secure digital storage solution for sensitive customer documents

Documents uploaded by a customer are encrypted and backed up automatically while maintaining history. The current phase of Secure Vault is limited to customer Drivers License, Insurance, and a pre-auth using their Credit Card information.

Intended Recipients


myKaarma Desktop


Product Type


Mobile App


User Interfaces

Secure Vault has two user experiences: one for customers and one for dealer personnel.

Customer Experience

The customer will be sent to the myKaarma Secure Vault webpage once a loaner is requested. The webpage will have following abilities:

    1. Upload, delete Drivers License, Insurance and Credit Card
    2. Upload multiple documents
    3. View all the previous invoices of the customer

After the web page is sent to the customer, the link is valid for 24 hours after which it will expire. 

secure vault customer webpage interface

Dealer Experience

Dealerships will:

    1. Get real-time status of the documents requested from the customer
    2. Be able to approve, reject, or request the documents again
    3. Have an option to re-activate the expired link if the customer did not upload documents within 24 hours
    4. Allow their Drivers  to verify documents before handing the loaner car to the customer in the myKaarma app
    5. Allow their Drivers to see the documents during the trip
    6. Have a report for management to keep track of the trips with loaners that have documents stored online 
secure vault dealer application

Status: General Availability

See how Secure Vault works

How does Secure Vault help dealers?

When customers request a loaner for a Pickup & Delivery service, documents are typically gathered in person, through email or even through insecure images sent via text message. These fragmented methods are both cumbersome and time-consuming. Secure Vault streamlines this process, allowing the dealer to acquire, view, and verify Drivers License, Insurance, and Credit Card information in a secure digital manner. 

Customers can upload these documents into a secure digital storage location accessible through a webpage (similar to how myKaarma online payments allows customers to provide their credit card details today, without exposing the dealer to unnecessary liability). This new feature will:

  • Collect documents from the Customer in a touch-free manner and at their convenience 
  • Secure the process of collecting confidential documents from a customer
  • Improve user experience and process efficiency
  • Organize the data better by customer, so that it can be easily accessed by dealer personnel who have the rights to access this data
  • Allow for digital verification (in a future phase) of the drivers license, and also have the ability to charge the customer for Tolls and Fuel etc, when the customer approves

Who has access to view customer documents?

Only authorized users at dealerships will be able to view and verify documents at the dealership within the myKaarma Application. This access will always be controlled by dealer management using permissions.

How do we ensure the data is secure and encrypted?

Secure Vault is built on the same secure foundations as the myKaarma online payments platform, using  one of the strongest block ciphers available, 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256), to encrypt customer data at rest. During data transfer, information is secured using bank-level TLS public-key encryption. Finally, all access to the customer-facing website is provided using time-bound tokens, which expire in 24 hours to prevent unauthorized long-term access.

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