Logitrac Payment Integration

June 9, 2020


Capture credit card information to enable loaner fee collection, and store customer payment information securely for future use.

The Logitrac and myKaarma partnership adds value:

  • Easily collect loaner vehicle fees
  • Securely store customer payment information for quick transactions
  • Accounting reconciliation is made easy with integration into myKaarma’s payment report 

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myKaarma Desktop

Logitrac Desktop

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Logitrac Integration Features

Easily collect customer credit card information:

1. Within the Logitrac platform, start a new agreement and add customer information:

logitrac add new customer

2. Search for the customer:

logitrac search for customer

3. Add customer to the agreement, and then authorize payment:

logitrac add customer to agreement
logitrac authorize payment

4. myKaarma’s PayIsland will populate within Logitrac for entry of customer payment information.  Authorization will save the customer payment information, verify available funds (authorization amount can be defined by dealer management), and then void the authorization.  Complete the loaner agreement.

Status: General Availability

Process loaner vehicle fees through myKaarma:

  1. When loaner vehicles return to your dealership, loaner vehicle fees are automatically generated within Logitrac.
  2. Select the “Pending Pay” tab within Logitrac
  3. Select “CHARGE”
  4. Successful transaction notification received when completed
  5. Transactions are recorded in myKaarma payments report
charge a logitrac loaner

Easily refund charges through Logitrac:

  1. Select “Paid” tab within Logitrac
  2. Search for customer, agreement, or RO# within Logitrac
  3. Select the refund icon
  4. Refunds are recorded in myKaarma payments report
Logitrac Refunds

Simple payment report reconciliation including loaner vehicle fees:

  1. Within myKaarma, select “Payment Report” from the Payments tab and select the “Loaner” department from the department dropdown menu
  2. You can print PDF if desired
  3. Quickly identify Loaner department transactions and reconciliation report
Logitrac reconciliation report

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