Parts Integration

December 15, 2020


Parts department users had to pull parts invoices in myKaarma from the DMS by keying in a parts invoice numbers and amounts manually. They had to download the invoice from DMS and send payment requests to the customer with the attached invoice. This took extra time and was prone to error. 

Our new parts integration automatically integrates parts invoice data from the DMS for easy sending. No Manual intervention, and an all-around good experience for wholesale and retail parts customers who now get invoices direct from the DMS.

Intended Recipients


myKaarma Desktop

Product Type


Parts Integration


  •  A tab now shows parts invoices pulled from the DMS with all parts details
  • myKaarma can attach, send, and allow for parts invoice payment by the customer from their home or remotely
  • Easy online or mobile payment for the customer
  • Expedited in-person/in-lane payments at the dealership
  • Real-time updates and parts invoice information syncs  with the DMS
  • A closing report with a transaction summary across all departments within the dealership

Status: General Availability

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