New ServiceCart Features Save Time

May 11, 2021


New Innovative ServiceCart Video MPI Features Save Time

  1. CartSync
  2. Device Sharing
  3. Workflow Builder
  4. Pricing Calculator
  5. Shared Simultaneous Access

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myKaarma Desktop

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Desktop, Mobile, APP

New Features Save Time

  1. CartSync – QR codes in the desktop inspection make it easy to scan with your mobile device and get directly to work on the correct inspection.  Eliminates RO keying errors and allows quick switching between desktop to mobile – getting work done more efficiently. 
  2. Device Sharing – Save and time and money by allowing your shop to share video capture devices while maintaining separate logins and RO ownership. Take a video on a shared device and quickly return to the desktop to complete the inspection.
  3. Workflow Builder – Drag and drop workflows to easily and instantly create a custom process that works for your dealership’s  fixed operations.
  4. Pricing Calculator – Allow advisors  to make “on the fly” adjustments with  services and pricing to optimize for customer budget restrictions resulting in quicker customer approvals.
  5. Shared Simultaneous Access – Allow  multiple users to work an inspection at the same time. For example, parts and MPI updates can be made simultaneously, getting the vehicle up and off the lift faster. Version controls ensure your finished MPI is not just fast, but accurate. 

Status: General Availability

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myKaarma CartSync

Workflow Builder

myKaarma Workflow Builder for ServiceCart

Shared Simultaneous Access

myKaarma ServiceCart Shared Access

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