myKaarma Surcharge

December 19, 2022

Product Description

mKaarma Surcharge allows your dealership to recoup 100% of all processing costs on credit card transactions. Processing charges for debit cards will still apply. All credit card transactions processed through myKaarma Payment Processing can have the surcharge feature applied for significant dealership savings. The dealership MUST be on myKaarma Payment Processing, powered by Stripe, and must have myKaarma Communications, Payments, and  + Multi-Department. 

Intended Recipients


myKaarma Desktop, Mobile APP

Product Type

Communications, Payments, and Payments Multi-Department Required


Completely eliminate 100% of credit card processing fees, and save over 70% in processing costs compared to your existing processor.

All the benefits of myKaarma Processing apply.

Status: Alpha

myKaarma Surcharge

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