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February 26, 2019


Introducing a new way to allow customers to opt-in and opt-out using myKaarma texting!

Also, capture customer INTENT, not just keywords! Don’t miss an opt-out because the customer didn’t follow instructions and send the proper opt-out KEYWORD.

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Compliant Opt-Out in myKaarma


  1. Customers may opt-out of texts by sending any common opt-out phrase: STOP, DO NOT TEXT, STOP TEXTING, etc. to the myKaarma number.
  2. In myKaarma: A red box will appear around the customer’s thread, indicating they have opted out of texting, and cannot be reached via text.
  3. Customers will get an automated opt-out confirmation message that includes instructions rejoin or opt-in: “This message has been detected as an opt-out message, and the system has opted you out of receiving text messages. Please send REJOIN or OPTIN to opt back in.”
  4. If the customer attempts to text myKaarma, they will get another auto-response with instructions to opt-in: “You are currently opted out of receiving texts. Please send OPTIN or REJOIN to opt back in.” NOTE: These messages will appear in the customer thread in myKaarma, even without opting back in.
  5. After sending “REJOIN” or “OPTIN” to the dealership myKaarma number (in the top right corner of the view), the customer will receive an automated confirmation message: “Based on your previous message, you have opted back in.”
  6. In myKaarma: The customer thread will now receive a GREEN frame indicating that this customer has opted back into texting.

Opt-Out Intent Captured by myKaarma AI for Texting

  1. If a customer does NOT text the simple KEYword required to opt-out, myKaarma’s AI will scan the intent and identify those that do NOT want to be texted.
  2. The AI reads the intent of the message, protecting your organization from the risk of “questionable” Opt-Out requests.
  3. If a customer texts something like “Don’t text me anymore” instead of “STOP” it will automatically be captured as an Opt-Out message.
  4. Why this is critical? The TCPA and FCC are starting to look at intent and myKaarma wants to protect you at the highest level possible by using our industry-leading AI technology.

Status: General Availability

What does it look like?

Example of a customer opting out

Example of a customer opting back in

How am I impacted?

You will not be able to text customers who have opted out of texting. When a hard opt out occurs and a customer wants to receive texts again, the customer himself must opt back in via text. 

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