Customizable transportation options for your service customers

September 17, 2018

Product Description

Customize transport options in administrator settings

Intended Recipients

  • DSD dealers on DSD-Tech package


Desktop app and Web scheduler, DMS – CDK, Dealerbuilt, Automate and Arkona

Product Type

myKaarma Scheduler Product

Add Up to 9 available transportation options for customers when scheduling an appointment.

Give your customers all the transportation option they desire. Make it simple for them to select an option when they are making an appointment so they don’t have to call the service department. Customers love to do things fast and efficient when making appointments and happier customers means better CSI scores!


  • Easily accessible in the admin tool for all managers
  • Add any options your store provides (max 9 options)
  • Rides to a local mall, Uber or Lyft rides, Loaner vehicles, Shuttle vans, Waiting at the dealership, Even a rocket trip to the moon (if you want to provide that)
  • Works in the DSD/myKaarma app for you BDC and Service Advisors when they are scheduling appointments
  • Customers using the website scheduler can also select any available transportation option
  • Ability to quickly change options when needed or desired.


LIVE for all dealership

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