Device Compatibility

Best Practices and guidelines for mobile devices.

  • Techs need flashlights for best results and clarity of media!
  • Full size iPads ARE NOT recommended for technician use with ServiceCart or for taking technician videos.  Smaller devices that can be operated with one hand and feature a flashlight work best.  Think iPhone or iPad MINI (version with a flashlight).
  • Larger devices like iPads ARE recommended for drive aisle activities (Mobile Check In, Video Walk Around) if the intention is to share the screen interactively with a customer.
  • Devices with data plans are the tool of choice for Pickup and Delivery to ensure your drivers are connected to home base and the customer during their trips.
  • IF YOU ARE PURCHASING DEVICES for your team, myKaarma does not recommend Android based devices to avoid obsolescence when expanding to other product features. 
  • SHARING DEVICES Device sharing for technicians is possible but if you expect a high number of ROs to have media attached, avoid any more than 2 techs per device.

Apple Devices

iOS 11 or above is required for all devices.

Apple device logo


X or above is highly recommended

Apple device logo


All Air/Pro models 4 or above  –  *Not recommended for ServiceCart

Android Devices

Android 10 Lollipop or above is required for all devices.
Note: Android devices do not support all myKaarma products, including but not limited to ServiceCart and Mobile Check-in.

Android device logo

Galaxy S

7 or above

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Galaxy Note

8 or above

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6 or above 

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