myKaarma Collaborates with Axalta and Auto Dealer Body Shops for ProfitNet Management System Integration

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October 19, 2020

New integration with ProfitNet, Axalta’s Collision Shop Management System, enables near-instantaneous communication between body shops and their customers

Today we announced our integration with ProfitNet, Axalta’s Collision Shop Management System. ProfitNet streamlines shop operations, improves business performance, and enhances body shop bottom lines.

Body shops have unique challenges when it comes to collecting information from and communicating with customers, the referring dealer, and the insurance company. Traditionally, this information is collected and entered into multiple systems. However, by integrating with ProfitNet, customer and vehicle information flows from ProfitNet directly to myKaarma, enabling near-instantaneous communication with the customer. The integration of these systems includes automated welcome texts and self-activating mobile payment requests for the deductible amount, saving time by eliminating double entries. With body shop employees frequently on the move, the myKaarma mobile application gives these employees the ability to send and receive texts, photos, and videos from any location at any time.

“The ability to integrate myKaarma’s powerful communication tools with ProfitNet saves us time by preventing double-entry of data,” stated Steve Weisenberger, Director of Collision and Glass with Luther Automotive.” Our customers expect timely updates on the repair status of their vehicles. Depending on the availability of parts and the complexity of the repair, these jobs can remain open much longer than a traditional Repair Order at a dealership. It’s critical to easily provide a simple way to communicate with our customers from the very first time we see the vehicle until the car is repaired and the customer is fully satisfied.”

“We’re always looking for ways to simplify things for our customers. The integration of ProfitNet and myKaarma technologies is a game-changer for collision repair businesses; helping our dealerships save time while improving their ability to interact with their customers is more important now than ever before,” said Bob Kast, Product Manager of ProfitNet at Axalta. 

Dealerships with body shops can contact myKaarma at collision@mykaarma.com

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