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Uber for business

December 2, 2019

Auto dealer service departments can now book rides with Uber Integration through the myKaarma platform, offering a convenient transportation option for dealerships and consumers. 

myKaarma’s Uber integration with the Uber Central API allows dealerships to book Uber rides directly through the myKaarma application with a fully integrated lookup and specify pick up and drop off locations on behalf of customers. The customer then receives a text message with a secure link for a ride based on their pickup and drop off location.  

This Uber integration is offered alongside myKaarma’s pickup and delivery module or as a standalone module. The integration enables communication between the transportation manager, the driver, and the customer. Also, real-time ETAs keep them connected with their customers every step of the way. All rides are tracked within the application, along with any relevant details. As a result of the integration, dealerships can reduce shuttle costs and guest wait times, decrease the number of days needed for loaner cars, and simplify travel management

“At myKaarma, it is our mission to optimize as much of the dealer’s process as possible and give back time to service managers, service advisors, and other dealer personnel,” said Ujj Nath, CEO at myKaarma. “Our integration with Uber for Business provides dealers with one place to book and track Uber trips for their guests without having to retype their pickup or drop off address. This will have an immediate impact on reducing loaner car days and delayed wait times for transportation and increasing long term customer loyalty.”

“Coordinating shuttles and loaners for customers can be an inefficient, time-consuming, and costly undertaking for auto dealers,” said Neal Watterson, Global Head of Guest Products, Uber for Business. “The ability to make the entire process seamless is an important step forward for the industry at large — and can make a big difference in increasing customer satisfaction. We’re excited to partner with companies like myKaarma to make access to customer transportation simple and efficient for the automotive sector.”

myKaarma’s software runs on mobile phones, desktop, and tablet computers, offering two main features: end-to-end customer communication and payments. The communications tools are designed to blend seamlessly into a service advisor’s daily workflow. They can be used across various mediums of communication, including voice, text, and email. The full platform, service@home, includes pickup and delivery, video walkarounds, and driver tracking, along with the communications and payment features. It is all seamlessly integrated and synced with the DMS.

The software enables service advisors to send photos and videos to customers, which more clearly explain their repair recommendations. They can then receive real-time authorization for additional work. Once the service process is complete, customers have multiple options for paying their bills, including online, eliminating any wait at the dealership when they pick up their vehicle.

Service departments that implement myKaarma’s cloud-based software tools enjoy an average lift in dollars per repair order of 37%, a 50% reduction in voicemails left with advisors, a near 100% reduction in authorization disputes, a 33% decrease in loaner car days, and a boost in CSI scores. They also gain access to a comprehensive real-time record of communication with their customers and a bird’s eye view of the service department that allows them to manage their operations more efficiently.

Learn more about myKaarma’s partnership with Uber, schedule a demo, or call us at 562-287-5527.

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