ServiceCart Reporting Dashboard

May 17, 2023


Review Dealer or Group Level ServiceCart Video MPI inspection data through the myKaarma Insights Dashboard.

  1. ServiceCart dealers can view video and inspection data on Insights.
  2. Group Level users can take advantage of ‘Group View’ to see video and inspection data for all their stores.
  3. The drill-down view for inspections will have RO-level data on recommendations made, recommendations approved, and more.

Intended Recipients


myKaarma Desktop

Product Type

Insights Reporting 

ServiceCart Insights Dashboard

Status: General Availability

Review trends for Completed Inspections and Completed Inspections Sent.

ServiceCart Inspections sent vs orders on Insights

Review the number of recommendations approved vs. declined.

ServiceCart closing report on Insights

Access RO level detail by Tech or Order Creator.

ServiceCart Insights detail report

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