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March 13, 2020


New Insights reports launch April 1, 2020. 

Know your numbers and make sound decisions to improve service performance. Our new Insights tab provides a complete reporting tool and dashboard to help you monitor performance with confidence.

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Insights Reporting


  1. Important KPIs – A dashboard shares important KPIs by product, along with a 6 month trend.
  2. Cohort ComparisonBenchmark numbers are set for each KPI, allowing for comparison to the best performance numbers from dealerships with similar RO volume. You can also adjust comparison settings to look at all dealers.
  3. Missing Features – Review myKaarma features you do not have activated, and understand their potential benefit if you were to add them.
  4. Drill Down Functionality – You now have the ability to drill down to the RO Level. You can view the entire dealership or each individual user’s detail. Within the drill down you also have the ability to view the invoice for the RO.
  5. Ad-hoc Report Generation – Create customized reports to include metrics not shown on the dashboard.
  6. Download/Share Report – Download each report as an excel file or pdf. You can also share any dashboard by Email.
  7. Filters

Status: General Availability

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