Follow Up Feature

February 4, 2022


The new FOLLOW UP TAB will replace LEADS! 

Follow Up will be the new home for all things Leads. If you currently see the Leads tab, that will soon be replaced by the Follow Up tab, and all the data that was once available in Leads will populate into this new home. 

Leads becomes follow up

Intended Recipients


myKaarma Desktop and APP

Product Type


Status: General Availability

How It Works

  • For those already on Follow Up, if any users at your dealer haven’t switched over to Follow Up yet, they will automatically be switched over.
  • BDC Agents and other message-heavy users will come to know Follow Up as a centralized hub for all tasks relevant to “following up” with customers who need to be pulled into the dealership for any number of reasons: Service due, previously declined service, recalls, and more.
  • Upload any data you like with csv upload (coming soon), and take care of many customers at once with bulk message send.
follow up screen