DealerTire Integration

March 23, 2022


Easily convert TraXtion* inspection results into tire recommendations using our DealerTire Integration.

Provide accurate tire recommendations using inspection results with the click of a button. Customers can review, compare, and approve tire recommendations using myKaarma. Increase tire sales, with easy, convenient, and automatic tire recommendations. 

*TraXtion requires TreadSpec or GrooveGlove products.

Automatically capture tire shopper orders in the myKaarma service scheduer.

DealerTire integration With the National or Dealer tire site allows owners to shop, identify, and order the recommended tires for their vehicle. Once the order is placed for tires, the appointment with all tire order details automatically transfers to the dealer’s myKaarma service scheduler.

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myKaarma Desktop

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Mobile Communications

TraXtion Integration


Easily convert TraXtion inspections into tire recommendations from within the myKaarma desktop. This is done through our DealerTire Integration.

    1. View TraXtion inspection results. Tires with yellow or red results will automatically populate the “Recommend Tires to Customer” button.
    2. View all tires applicable to the vehicle, select recommended tires, and send a quote to the customer.
    3. Prices are fully customizable, Instant Inventory Check and Tire Manufacturer promotions are automatically included.

Status: General Availability

Learn About TraXtion Integration

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Tire Recommendations

DealerTire Inspection Results

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DealerTire Tire Recommendations

Scheduler Integration


The vehicle owner may start their new tire journey on a National or Dealer page to help find the right tires for their vehicle. With DealerTire Scheduler Integration.

    1. They select the correct and recommended tires for their vehicle
    2. The correct dealer pricing is applied
    3. Inventory needs are addressed

The details of the order get automatically applied to an appointment in your myKaarma scheduler.

Status: Alpha

Learn About Scheduler Integration

DealerTire Tire Order

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