Understanding Payments Integration in Dealer Management Systems: myKaarma’s Surcharge Advantage

credit card surcharge and DMS integration

Many dealers want to save thousands of dollars a month by eliminating credit card fees through Surcharge programs but raise questions about how that integrates into their Dealer Management System (DMS). myKaarma has built an industry-leading Surcharge Program, helping dealers eliminate 100% of credit card fees while integrating seamlessly into the dealership DMS.

What is DMS Payments Integration and why is it important?

DMS Payments integration refers to the seamless connection between a dealership’s management software and your payment processing system. When a dealership has a DMS Payments integration in place, it can efficiently manage customer transactions without manual data entry. For example, upon entering a repair order number or invoice number for a service or parts department invoice, the system automatically retrieves the invoice amount and customer details associated with that transaction.

Without integration, a cashier must manually enter customer information and transaction details. This process is not only time-consuming but also prone to errors, as the data entered must match what is already in the DMS.

MyKaarma’s proprietary  Dealer Management System integration means your dealership will benefit from:

  1. Efficiency: By automating the data retrieval process, we reduce the likelihood of errors and save time, allowing for smoother transactions.
  1. Enhanced Payment Reporting: When a payment is made, our system not only processes the payment but also writes back the transaction details into the DMS. For instance, if a customer pays $250.13 with his AMEX at 3:22 PM on December 13, this information is recorded in the DMS, providing a comprehensive transaction history.  This enhanced reporting will also allow your team to reconcile transactions in a more efficient manner.
  1. myKaarma Surcharge Handling: Our system uniquely addresses the handling of surcharges, which are not reported in the DMS but managed externally, thus maintaining the integrity of the DMS data. 
  1. Payment Settling Integration: A feature currently exclusive to myKaarma (as of Dec 2023) is the Payment Settling integration, which communicates payment amounts back to the DMS. This feature is vital for accurate financial reporting and inventory management. This feature is available for CDK and DealerBuilt DMS dealers.

Conclusion: A Step Ahead in Dealer Management

Our integration with your Dealer Management System is not just about technology; it’s about providing a seamless, efficient, and error-free experience for both dealerships and their customers. 

For dealerships looking to streamline their operations and enhance their payment processing systems, understanding and leveraging the power of DMS integration is key.  While you are reviewing surcharge solutions with various providers, it is imperative that you ask if they provide an integration to your Dealer Management System.  If not, you could find your Dealership entering into a solution that could leave you without many of the important benefits listed above.