14 Jan

Service Departments, Get Ready for the future of Voice!

Consumers are all about convenience. The Internet has opened access to instant information and new technology continuously enables consumers to accomplish goals faster, access information more easily and organize their lives — all without the help of a single live person. In fact, the most influential new technology may well be voice assistants such as …
10 Jan

Give Them Some Skin in the Game, Stop the Silos

There can be no arguing that most dealerships operate in silos. Typically, four exist: New Car Sales, Used Car Sales, Service and Finance. These four departments usually work independently of each other, each with its own revenue and volume goals, yet all are undeniably intertwined. And, as their goals aren’t aligned, the resulting friction costs …
1 Jan

Do You Want E-Contracting or Not? Decide Already!

Much progress has been made in the journey towards paperless transactions. We can now sign tax returns online; sign electronic pads at many retailers when using credit cards; and, in some cases, receipts are even emailed to us. When FedEx or UPS make deliveries we no longer sign a paper log, but a mobile electronic …
19 Dec

Bots Help the Grinch Steal Christmas

A trending technology is the use of bots in customer service. While bots can certainly help companies manage communications faster, sometimes they fail to provide the correct information and consumers just stop communicating with them, pick up the phone and overload call center phone lines.   Have you ever tried to ask Amazon’s Alexa for …
13 Dec

Texting Solutions Aren’t All the Same; Are your Customers in Communication Hell?

When considering technology to help interact with your customers, one of the first things to look at is how well the technology works under normal operating conditions. If you throw in too many changes, or make the mechanics of communicating less than intuitive, the customer will simply end up annoyed. While it is supposed to …
12 Dec

Don’t Mess with the Center of the Universe

For some people, it’s family. For others, it’s pets. Others will maintain it’s their career, and some will point to their favorite pastime. Regardless of what anyone chooses, there is a common denominator used to keep up with their passion — one that has become the center of the Universe for many people — and …
1 Dec

Poor Communication is Killing your CSI

Are your employees communicating well at your dealership? At most of the dealerships I have visited they are not!   I see far too many stores that still utilize walkie-talkies or paging systems and while this may seem like a good idea, in my mind it is a “spray and pray” tactic.  Often you will …
13 Nov

Warranty Claims and Internal Debits: Stop the Madness!

Let’s cut to the chase. Internal debits from warranty claims are costing dealerships $100,000+ a year. And, with larger high-volume dealerships, this amount can be dramatically higher. Whether your dealership “needs” the money or not, my guess is that the owner would rather have it than not!   Why is this happening and what can …
2 Nov

The First Step in the Coffin of MPIs

The First Step in the Coffin of MPIs
31 Oct

Why Electric Vehicles Will Change the Auto Industry

Why Electric Vehicles Will Change the Auto Industry