Begin a great opportunityPartnerships are integral to our customer’s success

We at myKaarma are looking to create partnerships of strategic priority, in order to enhance the value of our solution for our customers.

“One of our core philosophies is to treat our partners like we would treat our customer and employees – fairly, and with respect”

In doing so, we take great care to partner with companies that offer services that make the job of our customer easier, and remove the pain points of switching applications or interfaces to get their job done.


What We Are Looking For

  • Mature APIs
  • Transaction-based Revenue Share
  • North American Support Presence
  • Services to Grow Our Platform

What We Can Offer

  • Exponential Dealer Growth
  • Boost Your Brand Awareness
  • Revenue Share Opportunities
  • Increase App Engagement
  • 99% App Retention Rate
  • Increased Stickiness

Partner Areas

Our goal is to present the most current information that is needed to service a car efficiently and accurately. So, we are focusing on forming partnerships in the areas of:

  • Recalls
  • Warranty
  • Incentives
  • Appointments
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Service Menus
  • Online Marketing
  • Shuttle Management