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September 17, 2019


We are introducing a new way of opting in/out customers when using myKaarma texting!

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Compliant Opt-Out in myKaarma


  • Customers may opt-out of texts by sending any common opt out phrase: STOP, DO NOT TEXT, STOP TEXTING, etc. to the myKaarma number.
  • In myKaarma: A red box will appear around the customer’s thread, indicating they have opted out of texting, and cannot be reached via text.
  • Customers will get an automated opt-out confirmation message that includes instructions for opting back in: “This message has been detected as an opt-out message, and the system has opted you out of receiving text messages. Please send REJOIN or OPTIN to opt back in.”
  • If the customer attempts to text myKaarma, they will get another auto-response with instructions for opting back in: “You are currently opted out of receiving texts. Please send OPTIN or REJOIN to opt back in.” NOTE: These messages will appear in the customer thread in myKaarma, even without opting back in.
  • After sending “REJOIN” or “OPTIN” to the dealership myKaarma number (in the top right corner of the view), the customer will receive an automated confirmation message: “Based on your previous message, you have been opted back in.”
  • In myKaarma: The customer thread will now receive a GREEN frame indicating that this customer has opted back in to texting.

Status: General Availability

What does it look like?

Example of a customer opting out

Example of a customer opting back in

How am I impacted?

You will not be able to text customers who have opted out of texting. When a hard opt out occurs and a customer wants to receive texts again, the customer himself must opt back in via text.