myKaarma Translates 22 Languages Automatically to
keep you Communicating with ALL your Clients

  • Ever wish you could speak 22 different languages?
  • Well, myKaarma can translate text and emails into 22 different languages for you.
    • You can get more customer pay approved faster and easier than ever, regardless of any spoken language barriers.
  1. Pull up a text or email.
  2. Type out your message in English.
  1. Click on translate and select the language you want your message translated into.
  2. Click “translate” and your communication is magically translated into the language you selected.
  3. Hit “send” and your message goes to the client in their preferred language.
  4. Client reads and responds in the native language.

  1. You receive the client’s message and reverse the process. Click translate below the message and see everthing back into English.
Translation Feature

You can translate between any of the 22 languages, Spanish to Korean and back, German to Chinese and back. Give it a try the next time you have a customer that speaks a language that you haven’t mastered yet!

All myKaarma users have this feature built into the communications tool. If you need any help with the translation feature, just contact
Our Crazy Good Product Support Team: (562) 349-1367