Transcription Announcement

Announcing Readable Voicemails Within myKaarma.

myKaarma now automatically transcribes all your clients voicemails directly into your communication threads.

You never have to “search” through the voicemails that are stacked up on your phone again!.

Using myKaarma for all your calls is easy and provides both simplicity and protection.

  • Every call is connected instantly to the clients communication thread.
  • The call is automatically transcribed for:
    • Faster visual discovery of approvals.
    • Easy reference without having to listen to the whole voicemail again.

If you want to listen to the voicemail, you can always play it from within myKaarma as well.

Start with texts! See transcribed voicemail approval, end with texts!.

Voice transcription is just one more way the fully integrated easy to use myKaarma text, voice, email platform helps make your sales faster, easier, and much more efficient.


If you have any questions about voice transcription please call our Crazy Good Support Team at 562-349-1367