13 Dec

Texting Solutions Aren’t All the Same; Are your Customers in Communication Hell?

When considering technology to help interact with your customers, one of the first things to look at is how well the technology works under normal operating conditions. If you throw in too many changes, or make the mechanics of communicating less than intuitive, the customer will simply end up annoyed. While it is supposed to improve customer relations, poor technology can do the exact opposite!


Most customers appreciate texting as an option to communicate with your dealership. Almost everyone carries a smartphone these days and texting is the communication method of choice.


However, it is vital to have an efficient texting solution, or it can be a big customer fail. Is your texting solution really helping, or simply an unseen obstacle?


Consider this, for example: After completing an inspection the repair bill for a customer that just came in for an oil change increases byover $500. The service advisor texts the customer stating that during the vehicle inspection items were found which will cost the customer an additional $500. After the customer gets off the ceiling, do you think they want to text back and discuss the repair order or recommendations? Of course not. They want to call the advisor! Now, what’s the natural way to call someone who just texted you? You simply call the number they texted from.


With most systems, either the text came from a 5-digit number (short code) that cannot be called, or the call is automatically redirected to the main dealership phone number. Now this customer is forced to navigate a phone tree, gets transferred, and probably doesn’t reach a live person, but must leave a voicemail for the service advisor. If that service advisor is busy, he or she may not listen to that message for 30 minutes or more. When they do call the customer back they use a dealership number that is not stored on the customer’s phone, the customer does not recognize it andhence it isignored. And the chase begins. Finally, they get the customer on the phone, but it’s now too late in the day and the customer just says, “forget it, I cannot wait, I just want to pick up my vehicle.”


While the dealership implemented the texting solution to IMPROVE customer interactions, this type of scenario clearly illustrates how the wrong solutions can make things worse, rather than better. And this probably happens more often than you realize.


At myKaarma all our solutions are intuitive and designed to match exactly how customers are already used to using that communication channel. When our software texts a customer a virtual business card is attached. A customer can simply click to call, if they so choose, or communicate back via text. All using the SAME NUMBER.


These incoming calls ring directly to the service advisor who sent the message, completely avoiding the receptionist and phone tree hell. This enables quick and efficient communication between the customer and the advisor, both via text and voice. It allows for quick approvals on service recommendations and provides the customer with the personalized attention they desire.


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