Scott Murphy Mercedes Benz Spokane

Hey, it’s Scott from Mercedes Benz Spokane. I’ve been at the store for 11 years now. Have been writing service and dealing with customers for the last four. myKaarma was introduced in the last three years, It’s been a game-changer. We are able to contact our customers that are busy during the day and can’t reach us by phone. Definitely helps with up sells, customers feel comfortable with it. We can interact with them at any time of the day. There’s no waiting on the phone, just shoot them a text. Usually it’s instant, you get an okay or thank you or see you later. The advisers have more time to get them with the text messaging and share information back and forth between the customer and the technician. It’s been awesome!

Nick Stauer Mercedes Benz Santa Rosa

We’re here today with Nick Stauer, our service manager at Mercedes-Benz of Santa Rosa and he is going to take it away.

Nick Stauer:

Hey guys, I’ve been in the business a lot of years. Worked with a lot of different applications, especially the Mercedes-Benz stores. How many processes and programs have they come up with over the years and how many worked? I’m tell you this myKaarma is the best thing that I’ve seen in a long time. The communication that goes from us to the client is invaluable! How many times does the service writer have somebody in front of them? Like a technician, and they need to get an answer for a customer or have a customer talk to them? Messaging, instant messaging! It’s the 21st century, we’re moving forward and you know what, they’re even getting better. They’re signing me up for appointments. This thing’s growing people, you want to be on the 21st century with technology. You want to go forward? This is a way to go!

Mike Cozza Mercedes Benz of Naples

So what benefits have you seen using myKaarma?

Mike Cozza:
myKaarma has been a great tool for us. it’s really easy to use. Very user friendly. the advisors love it, our clients love it. They get to pay online, all they need to do is just come in and pick up the car and there they go. So it’s a great benefit, it keeps our CSI good, keeps clients happy, and makes the advisors happy because it makes their job a lot easier as well. So we’re grateful to have it and want to continue to use it to its highest ability.

Jason Cote Fletcher Jones Mercedes Benz Las Vegas

How you doing, this is Jason Cote with Fletcher Jones imports in Las Vegas. My one favorite feature about my myKaarma is that I can multitask. I can see a phone call come up grab the phone call at same time send the other customer a text. Just updated two customers at one time you, can’t be saving time like that.

Jacob Rivera, Parts Manager, Mercedes Benz of Santa Fe

So what are your thoughts on mykaarma?
The myKaarma thing is the easiest thing I did today, it’s the easiest thing ever.
Is that different than the software you usually encounter?
Oh, yeah it’s easier than that machine right there.
What do you like about the software so far?
It’s customer friendly, It’s easy, it’s the easiest thing.
The text makes sense, now you can send a payment request to your customers.
Jacob: It’s like looking at your phone
How did you tender your payments before in your parts department?
I would use that machine right there. If it was online or on the phone, I would have to fax a background authorization form to get the customers front and back of the credit card, license and all that.
Isn’t exactly customer friendly, easy to use, makes sense, thanks for your input.
No problem

DJ McMahon Mercedes Benz Tuscaloosa

So could you tell me again what the customers are saying about myKaarma?

DJ McMahon:
We use myKaarma constantly and our customers love it, whether it be the texting or the phone calls or the payment receipts. Our customers comment constantly on the engagement we have between myKaarma and our dealership and our customers keep them informed. It keeps a record of it, it’s out of this world.

Would you say your customer pay has increased?

DJ McMahon:

Absolutely, absolutely, it’s increased because our communication flow is much better with myKaarma and our customers stay informed. They have numbers to call and we do follow-ups through myKaarma for our CSI. It’s just unbelievable in the payment system the way our office uses it and our technician or service advisers use it, it’s just unbelievable.

Rosemary – Honda of Ocala

Really I’m excited, I’m probably going to come in tomorrow just so that I can dig in. Because it just looks like it’s going to be so much easier than the way we’ve been doing it. The way it breaks everything out it separates, you know, Mastercard, Visa, discover, Amex, but then it ties it all together too, so you can cross. I mean it’s amazing. I’m so excited. I want to see what the whole day’s work is going to look like. It’s probably going to be a few more pages than this but I’m anxious to see. You know it’s going to take the place of what we call the edit list now and that’s what I’m excited about. I think it’s going to be a lot easier to read and maintain and if there’s an issue where one of the totals doesn’t tie out, I can go straight to that Service Advisor. I don’t have to you know go back and forth crossing and referencing, it’s going to be a lot faster I think. I’m excited

SM Troy Conyer Mercedes Benz Nashvill

SM Mercedes Benz Nashville

Rafael Mercedes Benz Walnut Creek


Parel Compton

Adam Hubbard

myKarma’s been probably one of the better tools that Mercedes has ever implemented as far as contacting customers keeping notes of phone calls. I can’t tell you how many times it’s helped me when I’ve been confused on something or when a customer’s been confused, we just go back look up the communication. Just really can’t say enough good things about it, probably the best thing I’ve used in 15 years being a service advisor for communication with customers.

Greg Adams – Consulting Perfection Honda

All right, here at perfection Honda and speaking with Greg an automotive consultant in the industry working here with perfection Honda. What’s your last name Greg? Okay, working with Greg Adams here at perfection. I appreciate you being willing to do this video, Greg. As an automotive consultant actually working with perfection Honda, he’s got a lot of experience in the industry seeing the different perils and the different pain points in car dealerships and is actually a little bit familiar with our product. You’ve seen it before, haven’t you?

Absolutely, worked with it across the nation and probably eight or ten dealerships.
Wonderful. And what is it about our software that you think most attracts dealerships to it?

Well, it’s really customizable for the dealerships. It also fits for every dealership because they can take that software and use it to insert into their process and we’ve done that in all the dealerships that I’ve worked with. Where we’ve taken the software and we have a particular problem, we evaluate the problem and the process and then we insert the software in to help that process to resolve with this software from my comments. It’s a great system, it really works well.

It’s great to hear that and you mentioned something I think is really neat which is you know it fits well, and you know it’s really difficult to say that you have a one size fits all because I think that a lot of dealerships would be dubious of hearing that and say; “Hey you don’t know how my operations work”. You mentioned that the software is kind of customizable when you compare that to the other software companies out there. Where do you think we do a better job than some of our competitors?

If you were to do a lot of different touch points in myKarma that make it so much more customizable and so much more useful to the service departments that I worked in. It can take basically the information out of the DMS and it can parse it up and use it the way that the dealer needs to. So like a one size fits all but it’s not really one size fits all, it’s one size customizable to all, which really makes it better.

Said it better than I could have. So we encountered kind of an issue that was disrupting the CSI and general satisfaction at this dealership. In a quick summary customers were calling into the BDC and the BDC reps were having a hard time quoting an accurate amount or an accurate amount of length of the repair for that appointment. And so they’ve been apprised to not book that then, they need to have an advisor provide that information but then when they try to transfer the call gets bounced around never gets to the advisor and that appointment never gets booked. And customers got angry so we came up with a solution for that. Do you call exactly how we came up with that solution and what it was?

Yeah, actually it was at the training center during the training that we were doing for the service advisors. That came up as a big issue from the service advisors. They get a call when they were with somebody and that call would go to the ring around or whatever you’d like to call it. And it got stuck in that and never went back to the service advisor. Sometimes it went back to the BBC but there was no way to communicate that information to the service advisers until we came up with the system using mykarma to notify all the service advisers that there’s a call or a customer out there looking for information. The first service advisor that answered a call or that answers that mykarma text would be the one that we actually do go out and service that customer, take care of that customer either call them or text them. And that works well because then that issue is resolved and that service advisor then texts back and that copies all the service advisors and the service managers.

Wonderful, no more slipping through the cracks. Is there anything else you’d like to add about the software?

yeah, it’s a great software, it’s customizable in the sense that you can mold it and use it to perform anything that you want to do in your system, your process, in your dealership, it’s great!

You know what I got one last little thing because I got to take advantage of the opportunity here. We really take pride in trying to have TPSV at the heart of our culture, we really try to make – in so far as to say – we try to keep our customers in our crosshairs and make sure we’re designing accordingly. How do you think we’re doing? Because you are a guru with TPS in and you know all about that. And do you think we’re following suit with that philosophy of business?

I certainly do. The evidence of that is in that training session we were doing with service advisors and that issue came up and instantly we all, including you, and probably you were the leader of it. We all went right into how can we do this better? Where do we need to change?Where can we make it happen for you guys, and we simply got that done in less than 30-minute training session. With the service advisors, myself, and it made perfect sense it’s working great.

That’s what we do, we collaborate right. We appreciate your assistance and all your kind words thank you very much.

It allows you to disconnect, without disconnecting from your customers.

Shawn Nelson, Fleet Manager Sherwood Dodge

Thank you! She’s (Morgan Meredith) my FAVORITE person!! I love her! She does an incredible job and is always there for me/us and is always upbeat and positive with a smile on her face and a laugh in her voice… I wish more people were like her.

Nick Opinker service manager Mercedes-Benz of Austin

Stan , Ralph (Service Director, General Manager) myKaarma is the best thing you guys have spent money on!!

Dan Moreau , Assistant Service Manager, Mercedes-Benz of Arlington

It is super amazing!

Martin, SM at Silver Star Mercedes Benz.

We have had numerous success stories here at Mercedes Benz of North Palm Beach – my favorite was an older, very nice gentleman, who had approved some repairs at write-up, then later approved additional repairs via telephone. Upon arrival to pick-up he didn’t remember the correct totals, rather having in his mind the upsell amount only. The customer himself actually asked our Service Advisor if he didn’t have a way to re the conversation as he stated he would feel terrible being wrong. The SA stated, absolutely, let’s listen together. They did, and indeed his memory was refreshed and all was good. The customer was actually grateful at knowing how good our documentation was and he had restored confidence by knowing the final bill was what was promised, he didn’t have to worry about that feeling of doubt later and always wondering if there was an error or reason to mistrust. The customer gave the SA a 1000, perfect score on the follow-up survey 7 days later. myKaarma proved to be an invaluable tool once again! Thanks!

Shawn Potsander Service Manager Mercedes-Benz of North Palm Beach

myKaarma in my opinion affords us the best tool to allow us to close the loop on communicating with the customer and does not leave anything to chance. Their DMS integration and the way that they start the communication is novel and unique and clearly indicates a tool that has been designed to fit the needs of the busy Service Consultants in today’s world

Jay Sponseller, Fixed Operations Director, Mile One Automotive Group

The MyKaarma messaging and online payment services have made customer communications much smoother. Customers seem more inclined to respond quickly with the new text messaging capabilities which in turn allows us to better help them. The online payment also allows us to improve our customer’s service experience. Not only are check-out times faster for vehicle pick-ups, but the ability to pay online also allows the customers who are getting help financially from family members or friends an easier way to pay for the service without having to bring the family member or friend into the dealership to pay. Overall I believe the online payment and messaging options provided by MyKaarma are making a big, positive impact on our customer’s overall service experience.

Michael Choi, Service Consultant, VW Alhambra

The MyKaarma Pay Now and Texting features have made a positive difference for our customers. In this day and age where our customers are electronic-savvy having these services available to them is another way that makes VW Pasadena stand out against the other dealers…..especially in a competitive market like Los Angeles. Thanks MyKaarma!

Jay Piamonte, Service Manager, VW Pasadena

I love having the ability to text my customers using the “Send SMS” feature. One of my customers was not responding to voice mail messages left on her preferred contact number, but when I sent a text, I received an apology (customer was in class), and an authorization from the customer to proceed with recommended repairs within 2 minutes of sending the text! My customers are also letting me know that they love being able to pay for the vehicle online, as it is saving them so much time when the come to pick up their car! Thanks myKaarma.

Norman Harrold, Service Advisor, VW Alhambra

“With myKaarma, I text customers while I’m checking others in. It saves me at least 10-12 voicemail call backs per day.”

J.D. Dotson, VW Santa Monica

“My day is much less hectic now.”

Jonny G., Galpin Premier Auto Group

“Faster approvals have improved productivity.”

Rick C., LAcarGuy