It allows you to disconnect, without disconnecting from your customers.

Shawn Nelson, Fleet Manager Sherwood Dodge

Thank you! She’s (Morgan Meredith) my FAVORITE person!! I love her! She does an incredible job and is always there for me/us and is always upbeat and positive with a smile on her face and a laugh in her voice… I wish more people were like her.

Nick Opinker service manager Mercedes-Benz of Austin

Stan , Ralph (Service Director, General Manager) myKaarma is the best thing you guys have spent money on!!

Dan Moreau , Assistant Service Manager, Mercedes-Benz of Arlington

It is super amazing!

Martin, SM at Silver Star MB.

We have had numerous success stories here at MB of North Palm Beach – my favorite was an older, very nice gentleman, who had approved some repairs at write-up, then later approved additional repairs via telephone. Upon arrival to pick-up he didn’t remember the correct totals, rather having in his mind the upsell amount only. The customer himself actually asked our Service Advisor if he didn’t have a way to re the conversation as he stated he would feel terrible being wrong. The SA stated, absolutely, let’s listen together. They did, and indeed his memory was refreshed and all was good. The customer was actually grateful at knowing how good our documentation was and he had restored confidence by knowing the final bill was what was promised, he didn’t have to worry about that feeling of doubt later and always wondering if there was an error or reason to mistrust. The customer gave the SA a 1000, perfect score on the follow-up survey 7 days later. myKaarma proved to be an invaluable tool once again! Thanks!

Shawn Potsander Service Manager Mercedes-Benz of North Palm Beach

myKaarma in my opinion affords us the best tool to allow us to close the loop on communicating with the customer and does not leave anything to chance. Their DMS integration and the way that they start the communication is novel and unique and clearly indicates a tool that has been designed to fit the needs of the busy Service Consultants in today’s world

Jay Sponseller, Fixed Operations Director, Mile One Automotive Group

The MyKaarma messaging and online payment services have made customer communications much smoother. Customers seem more inclined to respond quickly with the new text messaging capabilities which in turn allows us to better help them. The online payment also allows us to improve our customer’s service experience. Not only are check-out times faster for vehicle pick-ups, but the ability to pay online also allows the customers who are getting help financially from family members or friends an easier way to pay for the service without having to bring the family member or friend into the dealership to pay. Overall I believe the online payment and messaging options provided by MyKaarma are making a big, positive impact on our customer’s overall service experience.

Michael Choi, Service Consultant, VW Alhambra

The MyKaarma Pay Now and Texting features have made a positive difference for our customers. In this day and age where our customers are electronic-savvy having these services available to them is another way that makes VW Pasadena stand out against the other dealers…..especially in a competitive market like Los Angeles. Thanks MyKaarma!

Jay Piamonte, Service Manager, VW Pasadena

I love having the ability to text my customers using the “Send SMS” feature. One of my customers was not responding to voice mail messages left on her preferred contact number, but when I sent a text, I received an apology (customer was in class), and an authorization from the customer to proceed with recommended repairs within 2 minutes of sending the text! My customers are also letting me know that they love being able to pay for the vehicle online, as it is saving them so much time when the come to pick up their car! Thanks myKaarma.

Norman Harrold, Service Advisor, VW Alhambra

“With myKaarma, I text customers while I’m checking others in. It saves me at least 10-12 voicemail call backs per day.”

J.D. Dotson, VW Santa Monica