mK Payments + Surcharge

myKaarma Payment Processing + Surcharge delivers the leading automotive industry payments experience to franchise dealer customers.  

Recoup 100% of processing costs on credit card transactions!

mKaarma Surcharge allows your dealership to recoup 100% of all processing costs on credit card transactions. Processing charges for debit cards will still apply. This can add up to tens of thousands of dollars monthly.

In addition, you get the following with myKaarma Payment Processing: 

  • modern payment terminals
  • remote payment acceptance
  • 3D Secure on all online transactions
  • surcharge
  • alternative payment methods, and more!

To activate the surcharge feature, the dealership MUST be on myKaarma Payment Processing, powered by Stripe, and must have myKaarma Communications, Payments, and  + Multi-Department. 

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