Multi-User Log in

January 17, 2019

Product Description

The myKaarma mobile app now supports multi-user log in

Intended Recipients

  • Service Managers
  • Service Advisors
  • Technicians


myKaarma iOS and Android

Product Type

myKaarma mobile app

Save your dealership time and money!

Buy fewer smart devices and save your dealership money by allowing multiple technicians to use one device. Technicians can easily and quickly switch between their accounts on the same device and maintain unique communication threads for each vehicle they are working on. Keep customer pay revenue growing with technician videos while keeping your device costs down!


  • Technician Videos can be marked by their respective technicians even if it's done on the same device
  • Available on iOS and Android devices
  • Click the white triangle for easy 1-click switching
  • Log in multiple accounts on one device
  • Do more with fewer mobile devices
  • Quickly switch between users without having to re-enter your login information
  • No need to desktop manage employees accounts with the simple add/ remove feature right in the mobile app



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