Appointment Ledger on Android App

January 17, 2019

Product Description

Allows receptionists to view service appointments on Android devices for easy customer check-in and quick RO initiation.

Intended Recipients

  • DSD Dealers on Tech Package
  • Scheduler Add-On


Android App, DMS – CDK, Dealerbuilt, and Arkona

Product Type


Speed up customer check-in and RO initiation

The myKaarma Android appointment ledger allows greeters to quickly check in customers. The appointment ledger gives you the ability to see an overview of all upcoming scheduled appointments. Create happy customers by speeding up customer intake by allowing your greeters to notify advisors of their arrival and taking prerecorded video walkarounds.


  • Anyone who has the DSD Direct Connect App on their Android device can log in and start using this feature
  • View all appointments for every Service Advisor as well as the customer name, vehicle appointment time, and transportation option
  • See appointment notes of the work requested - add additional notes if needed
  • Prerecord a Video Walkaround to shorten the check-in process and save time for the Service Advisor
  • The greeter uses the appointment ledger to check-in customers and notify the service advisor of their arrival



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