12 Jan

myKaarma Launches Remote Repair & Drop Off Service for Auto Dealer Service Departments

New service provides customer pick up, drop off and vehicle delivery

LONG BEACH, Calif.,– January 16, 2017 — myKaarma, the cloud-based conversational commerce software that’s revolutionizing the auto service industry, today announced the launch of their new Remote Repair & Drop Off Service that helps auto dealers better manage shuttle drivers and the customer pick up/drop off process, leading to increased customer satisfaction and retention. The new module takes customer service to the next level, providing an Uber-like experience.

According to myKaarma CEO Ujj Nath, at most dealerships, drivers are currently managed by a spreadsheet or just a piece of paper where customers sign up to be dropped off at a location ad hoc. “This creates unnecessary anxiety for customers who do not know when the driver is coming back, or when they will arrive at their location to pick them up,” said Nath. “Dealerships are also unable to easily communicate the locations of the pickups and drop offs to their drivers. They have to perhaps call and read off addresses, which creates a lot of inefficiencies. Another problem is last minute cancellations. At some dealerships, the shuttle schedule is planned the night before based on appointments received that day. However, the next day a customer might cancel and the driver gets no notification, so still goes to pick them up, which is highly inefficient. Now the entire process can be managed through the myKaarma platform and app so these problems disappear.” Nath added.

myKaarma’s new Remote Repair & Drop Off Service offers customers a fast and efficient experience. When the dealership driver is assigned, the customer gets a text message, can click on a link to track the driver, get a video of the inspection of their car, view their loaner vehicle, get status updates on their vehicle repair through the myKaarma app, and get a payment request with the invoice they can pay remotely. The customer can then coordinate a pickup time via text with their service advisor.

Upon completion of service, the customer receives a text message allowing them to review the invoice and then pay for it and when the dealership’s driver is on the way with their vehicle, the customer receives a text notification with an ETA and can track their progress. myKaarma provides the customer and the dealership with an electronic record of everything; phone calls, emails, texts, video inspections, etc., which builds and enhances trust between the customer and the dealership.

The new Remote Repair & Drop Off Service allows auto dealerships to efficiently manage the following processes:

• Drop off of customers at any location near the dealership after the customer has delivered a vehicle for service.
• Pick up the customer from a location other than the dealership once vehicle service is completed.
• Miscellaneous pickups and drop offs of parts and other items to third parties near the dealership location.
• Pickup and delivery service for remote repair and maintenance. This includes the delivery of a loaner car, pick up of the customer’s car, delivery of the customer’s vehicle after repair and pick up of the loaner car.
• All transactions, including a video walk-around inspection by the driver for any pre-existing damage, are recorded and stored online for seven years, with complete traceability.
• Shuttle drivers can aggregate and route multiple customers to their drop-off/pickup points using routing and tracking software

“Today the vehicle drop off and pick up process at dealerships is very archaic. Customers want speed and transparency. If the customer needs a shuttle there are typically multiple phone calls as the customer waits impatiently with no idea when a driver will arrive to pick them up. When the driver shows up there are a lot of forms and a quick walk around of the customer’s vehicle, but there is no record. The dealer takes a risk that the customer may later state that there was damage and it is their word against the customers,” said Nath.

“When the vehicle is done, most dealerships call and relay the amount over the phone, get their credit card number (which is not recommended if there is a dispute, you lose the chargeback), create a receipt, show up at the customer’s house, do a switch, get the customer to sign the receipt for the credit card and the repair order. This does not work very well. myKaarma handles all these pain points and brings the whole process into the 21st century with an Uber-like experience,” Nath added.

For more information, or to schedule a product demonstration, stop by booth # 5501 at NADA 100 in New Orleans, LA, Jan 27-29, 2017, or visit www.mykaarma.com

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About myKaarma:

myKaarma is a conversational commerce software company for automotive dealerships that focuses on enhancing the retail service department experience. myKaarma’s platform gives dealers the ability to offer their customers 21st Century technology through digital conversations and smart payment systems.


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