Learn about Opt-in

February 26, 2019


We are introducing a new way of opting in/out customers when using myKaarma texting and emails!

Intended Recipients

  • Service Managers
  • Service Advisors
  • Technicians
  • Customers



Product Type


Hard Opt In/Out


  • Customers will automatically be opted out of texts/emails by AI software that understands common opt out phrases (STOP, DO NOT TEXT, STOP TEXTING ETC.)
  • A red box around customers thread indicates they have opted out of email or texts
  • Once opted out, advisors will be restricted from contacting that customer
  • Customers can Opt back in by responding “YES” to “opting back in”



What does it look like?

How am I impacted?

You will not be able to text customers who have opted out of texting. When a hard opt out occurs and a customer wants to receive texts again, the customer himself must opt back in via text. When a soft opt out occurs, you can consult with your Service Manager to opt a customer back in to texting.

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