Product Innovator

Same old ain’t good enough? Come see what it takes to innovate at a successful start-up!!

About Us:

myKaarma is an ensemble of people that endeavor to streamline and make the customer experience of Automotive Dealerships totally frictionless and touchless. We believe in the science of evolution, but challenging the status quo is part of our DNA.

Exec: I see this greenfield opportunity to grow our business.

Product Manager: While I know we did not budget for it, let me work with you to create a plan to account for this additional “spend” and how we get an ROI out of your innovative efforts!

So as our Product Innovator for one of our 7 product lines, we are looking for entrepreneurial risk takers, who know how to balance deep domain knowledge with disruptive offerings.  We are looking for orthogonal thinkers. Yes that sounds trite, but it truly isn’t. We really relish the application of the mykaarma methodology and we start with the consumer and work backwards, using convenience and transparency as the hallmark of our design process.  We have invented terms like “Natural Flow” and “not having to do work to do work” as guiding principles that allow our products to be super easy and flexible to use.  Our core principles of “Design for Adoption”, “Design for Reliability/Scalability” and “Design for Failure” are used by our product team to design products that the customers find indispensable.

We have 3 global offices in Long Beach California, Waterloo Canada and Noida India.  While this position will be based out of Canada, you will have the opportunity to travel to the US to interact with our customers as well as other members of our team.

Everything fixed ops in one place wheel

The Opportunity:

The Product Innovator position reports to the President and CEO directly and proactively participates in determining the strategic direction of the overall payments and other partnerships. This then translates to the strategy and measurable operating metrics. The successful Product Innovator continuously monitors progress toward those goals and proactively suggests actions for improving usage, operating, and financial metrics. This position proactively consults, advises, and drives product direction, financial decision support, and analysis. The Product Innovator ensures that continuous measurement is in place to make sure that competitors have not caught up and how we stay one step ahead.

  • Due to a lot of recent growth of our products for car dealerships that enhance the retail experience of their customers, we are in need of an incredibly intelligent product innovator, who has mastered the Payments, Automotive or Communication space.  As part of the product management team, you will work closely with our customers and founders, practice Genchi Genbutsu (if you haven’t heard this term before, go look it up, you won’t be disappointed) to discover how we can further solve the pain points in their daily work. You will also be integral in making key business and product strategy decisions and grow the payments product to add additional revenue streams.
  • As a Product Innovator, you’ll be responsible for building APIs, integrating with partners, creating new product/platform features, and making the platform available for other verticals.  You will be paired with engineering teams in India, US and Canada.
  • Our ideal Product Innovator, you should have programmed in the past and managed technical products, and are passionate about data accuracy and simple product UX/API design, have incredible attention to detail, be able to concisely communicate complex ideas, and are paranoid about 5-9s reliability.


  • As a member of the Product Team: you will be expected to provide strategic input and leadership on decision-making affecting the organization and build on the core value of “Innovate or Die”
  • Work closely with the President/CEO  to look at processes with an eye to disrupt and rebuild so that we continue to scale 
  • Communicate a commitment to the core values of myKaarma through words and actions
  • Mentor your peers  to grow them to be accountable leaders
  • Develop effective working relationships with internal and external constituencies; commitment to working collegially in a culturally diverse environment

What we are looking for:

  • Built APIs, products, and complex systems at scale
  • A computer engineering, computer science, software engineering or math degree and/or experience
  • Nice to have – experience with user interface and prototyping tools (Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, etc)
  • You do whatever it takes to make your product and team successful whether that means writing a QA plan or hunting down the root cause of a user’s frustration, whether or not it is a bug.
  • An unending desire to understand all aspects of a problem, can’t be satisfied with a high level overview.
  • Be a “product” person, you love to build things, things that people love to use.
  • Extreme empathy for your user.  Feel like them, be in their shoes, don’t just listen to what they say. 


If you believe that you can thrive in an environment like ours, please apply