Easy Online Payments

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Steve Rodgers
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myKaarma now allows your customers to save their credit card for faster repeat check out.

  • 100% secure with bank level 256 bit encryption
  • Single use token for each separate transaction
  • 1 click retrieval both online and at your desk (only need card’s CVV code to finalize payment)
  • Customer sets up card through phone text request and secure site – then card is usable for mobile check out as well as at your desk without swiping or chip insertion

It’s easy for your customers to set up a credit card for frequent use.
They receive the invoice, select Save Card and enter the card info, agree to the standard terms and conditions, and pay.

Once the card is set up they can select the card for all future invoices and never have to type in all the details again.

It’s even easy for them to delete the card by texting DELETE CARD to your store myKaarma line. Their card will instantly be deleted, eliminating online and in dealership use.

It’s just one more way myKaarma is helping dealers help their customer clients by focusing on customer convenience and satisfaction.

To get this feature turned on for your store just contact our success consultants.