DSD2017 Signup



click below to view and sign your participation agreement

(Existing DSD dealers signing up before April 30th, save $3100!)

  • + Variable Charges
    (Voice calls @ 2.9¢ per/min, and)
    (Payments @ $30 monthly + 6¢ per/transaction)

  • DirectConnect Base Platform
    (Two-way Texting, Voice Calling &
    Recording, Single Universal Number)
  • eBridge
    (Online Payments, Inlane Cashiering)
  • Internal Communications
    (Techs, Porters, Drivers, etc...)
  • Deferred Messaging
  • Mobile Apps
    (iOS & Android)
  • Out-of-Office
  • eSignature
  • Mercedes-Benz Digital Sales Experience


  • Includes Everything in

  • Unlimited Voice Calling and Texting
    (No Variable Charges)
  • Multi-Department Use
  • Text-based Survey System
  • Group Messaging
  • Voice Call Transcription
  • MDL Integration
  • Advanced Fraud Suite
  • Pickup & Delivery


  • Includes Everything in

  • Web & Mobile Scheduler
  • Dealer Scheduling Tool
  • Shuttle Management
  • SmartAssist w/
    Auto-VMI Lookup
  • Text-based Scheduling
    (Mobile and Web Widget)
  • SmartAssist w/ Automated Mercedes-Benz Knowledge-base Lookup


Are the marketing and multi-point inspection programs included in DSD2017?

No. The Engage and Inspect programs are both separate from the Digital Service Drive.

Are there any integrations between DSD2017 and other programs?

Yes. DSD2017 will integrate with the Inspect program to send out all communication on behalf of the one DSD number as well as send notifications through the DSD program.

Are there any exclusive features provided in the DSD program that would not be offered if we bought these technologies from another vendor?

Yes. The following items are not available anywhere else besides DSD2017:
  • • Ability to sell Mercedes Benz Pre-paid Maintenance packages and market them directly to their customers.
  • • Ability to sells vehicles online through Mercedes digital properties.
  • • Recall campaigns by text to customers who have pending open recalls on their vehicles. Shown to drive large customer pay increase.

How will me and my staff be trained on the new add on features of Digital Service Drive 2.0?

We will be conducting a host of webinar trainings on the newest features of the DSD2017 while your dealership will also be assigned a designated DSD2017 representative that will conduct in person trainings.

Can I only use the texting and payments part of DSD2017 and use my own online scheduling system?

Yes. In this case, you will want to go with either the BASE or ADVANCED packages.

Does DSD2017 provide an online scheduling system?

Yes. DSD2017 will provide a calendar management system, online scheduling portal, and text/chat based appointment communication widget.

Will I get appointments through the connected car or the “Mercedes Me” interface?

Yes you will, as long as you subscribe to the DSD2017 - TECHNOLOGY Package program. Customers will be able to make appointments for your dealership directly from their car in the futures.

Are data integration fee included in the base price?

No. Data integration will be a separate charge as outlined in the DSD agreement.

Will there be ongoing training included in each package?

Yes. Mercedes-Benz will have an assigned DSD representative for each area that will be scheduling training and consulting at your store.